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Top Winners in the Canadian CS:GO Arena

Since its first release date, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has been surviving severe competition and has become a trend-setter in the gaming industry. It keeps on setting records during its championships and tournaments, attracting the attention of fans worldwide.

In Canada, this solution is definitely in the top 5 of the most popular disciplines. What is a success secret and how does CS:GO develop in the region? Stay tuned to find out more!

What Makes It Popular Among Canadians

Someone believes that CS:GO is more dead than alive, but facts speak for themselves. For instance, the previous Major Championship’s grand final has gathered over two and a half million viewers in front of their gadgets’ screens. Please send your congratulations to Natus Vincere, the champions of the PGL Major Stockholm 2021. By the way, they haven’t dropped a map and become first for this parameter too.

As you can see, the interest in CS:GO is burning. Here are some of the reasons that make this esport so tempting and exciting for Canadians:

  • Taking into account Counter-Strike is among the pioneer shooters, its fan base keeps on fueling its popularity. It was and still remains a good competitive environment for players, where they can improve dozens of their qualities and skills. For instance, the improvement of your tactical and strategic thinking is guaranteed. The overall CS:GO community also surprises non-related parties with its power and dedication. Over twenty-four million monthly users can do a lot to popularize Counter-Strike.
  • Apart from being one of the most beloved esports disciplines around the globe, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has also succeeded as a powerhouse in the gambling industry. What is more, it is a large development trigger in the field. Thanks to its contribution, options like CS betting Reddit have become possible. According to numerous reports and statistical data, the esports gambling market is among the largest ones too. The mix of gaming and betting attracts more fans to Counter-Strike in general.
  • The gameplay itself is something gorgeous. The variety of items and skins to collect is another interface parameter that makes your abilities within the solution more captivating and varied.
  • Large championships are accompanied by several local events, organized by franchises and leagues. They will take place not only in-game but also in real life. Without a doubt, the degree of customer satisfaction is increased exponentially.

Leading Players in Canada

People often underestimate how popular Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is in Canada. Thanks to global ratings, it is easier to track who is fascinated about this esport. Just imagine how many treasures are hidden behind the official statistics:

  • Keith Markovic is among the prominent winners in the Counter-Strike universe. He is included in the top 100 best world players of this game. Even though the man is far from the oldest gamer in the community, his results are self-explanatory. That is perfect proof that talent is important in gaming. Naturally, NAF also is known for his brilliant strategy. Overall, this guy participated in over one hundred twenty tournaments and received more than one million dollars as a reward for his effort.
  • Russel Van Dulken is another famous CS:GO player from Canada. In the country, he is included in the top 10 of the best esports athletes. With around one million dollars earned, this person is skilled and talented. If you want to track other players with similar results, aside from Twistzz, seek performances by NiKo from Bosnia and Herzegovina, apEX from France, and KRiMZ and flusha from Sweden.

CS:GO Events in Canada

The playing community in the target country is active. Regional events aren’t less popular than major events like the recent championship in Stockholm. Here are a few samples:

  • BashFest 2020 had a prize pool of ten thousand Canadian dollars and was commented on by Zaven Wise, Ryan Lazauskas, and Donald Parkhurst. Such competitions are a perfect chance to get acquainted with local skilled teams. That time, RAIJIN won. Among the other squads that are worth supporting, there are The Gaming Stadium, Gamine Science, and OCEAN’s Fan Club.
  • Held back in December 2019, WESG North America Finals was a pretty large performance among CS:GO championships. With a prize pool of forty thousand US dollars, it attracted plenty of professional teams and players. With a final score of 3-0, LiViD Gaming defeated Oceanus Gaming. Among great teams in the lower bracket, Off Guys, Dogs of War, and able Esports are worth being highlighted.

The Final Verdict

Counter-Strike has an interesting gameplay and a large number of fans, so future progress and development are highly expected. The way it evolves in different regions helps people better understand its features and how attractive it seems in the eyes of the residents in several lands. In Canada, more and more players have a burning desire to become a professional CS:GO gamer, and local events and tournaments maintain this wish.

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