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9 Ways To Spread The Message About Your Nonprofit

If you have a nonprofit, you may be struggling to get the word out there and attract donors. Sometimes it can be hard to work out you can inspire loyalty from existing donors, and how you could get more people in to donate. If you want to discover new ways to get people to donate, then keep reading our guide.

How To Improve Your Branding

Having clear and impactful branding is important for getting the public’s attention to your nonprofit. You need branding that’s instantly recognizable and memorable. If people see your logo, for example, they need to instantly associate it with your organization. Your logo needs to get the message across to the public, so people know what you’re about. It needs to incorporate your brand colors and have an image that inspires empathy in people. If you think your branding could be stronger, it is worth contacting a graphic design company to make some improvements.

How Hiring Volunteers Can Help Your Reach More People

As the owner of a nonprofit organization, you’ll know that volunteers are an incredibly important part of any nonprofit. From giving away their time and effort to help with duties, to being involved in raising money and funding, volunteers really are invaluable for holding up a nonprofit. If you’re struggling to get attention to your nonprofit, hiring volunteers or more of them could help boost awareness to your cause. Consider holding a fundraising event, creating a stall, or creating brochures to give out to people, volunteers can help with all of these projects.

Investing In Marketing

When you think of marketing you may automatically think that’s it’s only for businesses and promoting sales. However, marketing can also be invaluable for nonprofit organizations too. A good marketing agency will help you reach a wider audience, and present your nonprofit in the best light possible. There are also ways you can help improve your nonprofit’s marketing without having to spend any money. For example, by improving your nonprofits social media presence. Make more frequent video posts. With videos, you can try and make your social media pages interactive for your followers, and even work with influencers who you feel would represent your nonprofit in the best light. You can start creating these interactive video posts with any video editor website available. Besides this, you could consider radio advertisements, or even TV if you have the budget. Email marketing can be used to maintain loyalty and interest from people that have donated to you before. If someone has made a donation, an automated thank you email will make a positive impression and encourage them to donate again in the future.

Have A Good Website

Creating a strong, well-designed website can be one of the best ways to improve your chances of donations. The chances are that before somebody donated to you, they will research your organization so they know exactly what they’re donating to. So your website could be the first real impression of your nonprofit that a lot of people get, and so a dealbreaker for whether they choose to donate to you or not. If your website fails to get your mission statement and passion for your cause across, it can have a real effect on your nonprofits chances of success.

Social Media Campaigning

social media is quickly becoming the best way to reach a wider target audience, and is one of the most popular ways for businesses to promote themselves. Although you can run a social media campaign with a marketing company, you don’t have to. As you can launch a social media campaign yourself, it’s not only one of the most effective forms of marketing, but also the cheapest. Have a clear idea of the target audience you’re trying to reach out to, and the message you want to get across. Try and work with influencers if possible, specificallythose who you think will have an audience sympathetic to your cause.

Holding A Donor Appreciation Event

Holding a donor appreciation event is one of the best ways in which you can show existing donors that you’re grateful for their contributions. It is simultaneously a way of finding new donors and increasing the amount of money being donated to your nonprofit. Market your event, send out invitations, and make sure to spread the word on social media.Planning your event around a theme is a great way to make your event stand out. If possible, having a well known public figure attend the event is a great way to attract attention and publicity. If the media are present it will be a huge boost to getting your nonprofits name out there. For more ideas on how to hold a successful donor appreciation event, visit Givebutter’s guide.

Offer Incentives

Offering incentives to existing and new donors is another option for encouraging donations. Create a competition where anyone that donates is automatically entered into to win a prize. Offering prizes will also help to make your donors feel appreciated and show gratitude.

Consider Working With Another Nonprofit

Smaller organizations may struggle to get awareness and attention from the public if they have a smaller budget for marketing etc. Research large organizations that share a similar mission statement to your own, and request to work with them to create a marketing campaign to bring attention to your shared cause. Having a bigger platform from a larger and better-known nonprofit will unlock more donators and notoriety for your own nonprofit.

Creating A Database

One way of getting a better idea of your audience and who you are currently best appealing to, is to create a database system. A database of your donors will be able to show you what kind of people are more frequently donating to you than others and may help to indicate what you need to do to improve your marketing. You will be able to judge the best ways to reach out to donors. For example, if you have an older audience, you might use email marketing. But if you have a younger audience then social media may be more effective.

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