3 mins ago

    Health problems associated with increasing global warming

    All climate change-related health problems are exacerbating, according to two reports released Wednesday. An annual report commissioned by the medical…
    4 mins ago

    Bill Clinton says he is “on the road to recovery” after the hospital’s liberation.

    Former President Bill Clinton shared the latest video on his condition after being released from a hospital in Southern California…
    5 mins ago

    US urges North Korea to stop missile test “provocation”

    New York / Seoul — After North Korea launched a ballistic missile from a submarine this week, the United Nations…
    6 mins ago

    Trump has launched TRUTH Social, a new social media network that fights “Big Tech.”

    Trump has announced that he will launch his own social media network called “TRUTH Social”, which will be launched nationwide…
    23 mins ago

    The history of Providence Place’s services has made a “fascinating” start, says CEO.

    San Antonio – Providence Place could be the only non-profit organization in the city with antique furniture that was part…
    24 mins ago

    Texas welcomes patients who are denied life-saving organ transplants in Colorado due to COVID vaccination status

    More people are looking to Texas in the hope of receiving potentially life-saving treatments as Colorado hospitals refuse to transplant…
    25 mins ago

    South Korea is preparing to launch its first domestic space rocket

    File Photo: Korean Space Rocket Watch a television report broadcasting that the Korean Space Launch Rocket-1 (KSLV-1) or Naro was…
    26 mins ago

    Frail Bill Clinton releases a video statement saying he’s “really happy to be home”

    “I’m really happy to be home”: Frail Bill Clinton, 75, thanked for his support during his speech at the hospital,…
    43 mins ago

    Tesla achieves record profits despite lack of parts and ship delays

    Detroit – Record electric vehicle sales pushed Tesla to the largest quarterly net profit in history last summer amid a…
    44 mins ago

    NFL agrees to end race-based brain testing with a $ 1 billion settlement

    According to a proposed transaction filed in federal court Wednesday, the NFL has agreed to end racial-based adjustments in the…


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