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Report Suggests Google Pixel Watch 3 Could Feature Thinner Bezels

Last month, Google announced the date for its highly anticipated Made By Google event, sparking widespread anticipation in the tech community. Among the speculated highlights is the unveiling of the Pixel Watch 3 alongside the Pixel 9. Despite Google’s silence on an official look or teaser, rumors surrounding the Pixel Watch 3 have been circulating for some time, offering insights into potential features.

Recent reports suggest that the Pixel Watch 3 may sport a larger screen and slimmer bezels compared to previous Pixel watch models. According to Android Authority, the device is expected to feature a brighter 2,000-nit display, emphasizing Google’s commitment to enhancing both aesthetics and functionality. Recent FCC filings have also confirmed the inclusion of an ultra wideband (UWB) chip, hinting at advanced location tracking capabilities aligned with Google’s expanded Find My Device network, already integrated into smart locks and vehicles for precise connectivity.

In terms of design, the Pixel Watch 3 is rumored to be available in two sizes—41mm and 45mm—to cater to different preferences and wrist sizes. Powered by Qualcomm’s W5 chipset, the watches are anticipated to deliver robust performance and extended battery life, with the larger model reportedly housing a substantial 420mAh battery, a significant upgrade from previous iterations.

While details regarding durability and weight remain undisclosed, excitement mounts as the Pixel Watch 3 prepares for its official debut at Google’s event in August, where more information is expected to be disclosed. As with all leaks, these details should be approached with caution until officially confirmed.

Beyond hardware, Google is also anticipated to unveil advancements in AI and announce updates to the Android operating system during the event. These updates are likely to introduce new security features, enhance performance, and introduce innovative functionalities leveraging AI, further refining the Android experience for users worldwide.

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