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Important Design and UX Elements You Need to Know for Your Shopify Store.

In the early 2000s, the UX experience was not formed. But then it became possible to use JavaScript and Flash to make the site the way its owner wants to see.

By using a well-established e-commerce platform, you can get rid of many mistakes. Having an e-commerce platform allows you to build on a proven foundation. All you need to do is customize the UX for your brand, customer, and niche. You can find out more information here.

Familiar interface

It works so that users feel comfortable working with it. It functions according to their expectations, with buttons and links in convenient places with few unpleasant moments.

If someone uses a new phone model with a different arrangement of numbers than they were used to before, they will appreciate the gadget as difficult to use. No matter its incredible capabilities, they have already appreciated it. So it is with online stores. It should have a familiar look, user-friendly interface.

Make a purchase so that it is invisible to the client

If you make the purchase process as simple as possible, your online store benefits from it. You need to strive for transparency of the purchase to such an extent that it is almost invisible. Each interaction with the elements should help the buyer to make the ordering process as fun as possible:

  • when unexpected things happen on the site, it briefly confuses the buyer;
  • if something interferes with ordering a product, the client thinks about the need to purchase;
  • Any time a potential buyer thinks about prices, shipping, taxes or fees, it creates negative associations. Instead, the person should focus on what pleasure the purchase will bring.

Choosing a user interface

Every site built with Shopify has several user interface groups: input, navigation, and information items.

  • Input elements are intended for the customer to enter details or make choices. this includes text fields, buttons, checkboxes, radio buttons;
  • navigation elements are designed to move around the site, find products of interest, this includes text fields, flags, radio buttons, buttons;
  • information items help you make a purchase. These are tooltips, notifications, indicators.

The right combination of elements and their placement in the sales funnel will create the perfect user experience. The order in which elements are placed on a page is important when a customer interacts with it. This is a difficult task, so changes need to be made gradually. You need to consider each page separately, since it is intended for different purposes.

First impression

An important user experience is what they get when they first visit the site. They can go to a specific page.

Make things obvious

Anyone who first came to the site should immediately understand what needs to be done. He must know how to get into the product catalog, view other products, and make a purchase.

Encourage Risk

It takes a shopper very little time to decide whether to stay on or leave the site. Do your best to encourage scrolling down. The space should be intriguing and enjoyable. Once the visitor has learned more about the product, the next step – a call to action – is to make a purchase.

Simple and familiar

The overall page layout should be logical. When scrolling down, he knows what to expect.

Text should work for you

The buyer does not always want to read a large text, it is better to scroll through the page until something catches the eye. Large volumes need to be broken up, formatted, and the words you need highlight. Better not to use a lot of jargon. Provide the necessary information and support with evidence. And it is likely that they will move on to the next step.


If you notice that it is difficult for some visitors to get from one point to another, this needs to be corrected. Navigation should be simple and consistent. Feel free to give headlines big names.

Call to action buttons

They should be highly recognizable, of the same style, and serve as a shorthand for navigation.

You can find out more information on the topic at the link: https://www.makebecool.com/services/shopify-design-ux.

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