Should You Buy Terra-Luna In 2022?

The native coin of a Terra network is known as LUNA, and its value rose by over 70 percent in the last few months. Staking Rewards data, which was cited on Coindesk, reveals that the cost of the LUNA token has skyrocketed over the previous week, turning it into the second-most staking asset around the world.

It has now surpassed Ethereum (ETH), that has a staking significance of 28 billion USD, as the largest staking investment in the world. In light of this, might one consider purchasing Terra (LUNA) in 2022?

How To Buy Terra Luna

You will need to use a cryptocurrency exchange that provides access to the Luna coin market in order to acquire Luna coins. Terra Luna is now available on the majority of major exchanges due to its growing popularity.

As a result, you have the ability to select the optimal exchange based on a variety of criteria, including the cost of transactions, the availability of various investment instruments, the simplicity of the interface, and more.

You can easily buy terra luna in 4 quick steps, all you need to do is open up an account with a crypto exchange, deposit money, search for Terra Luna, and buy!

Terra Luna Analysis

A global payment system is supported by the blockchain protocol known as Terra (LUNA), which makes use of stablecoin assets that are valued at fiat currencies.

In contrast to previous stablecoins, Terra combines the price stability and wider adoption for fiat currencies offered by fiat currencies with censorship offered by Bitcoin (BTC), all while providing transaction processing that is both quick and economical.

In January of 2018, Daniel Shin & Do Kwon created the company Terra (LUNA). Terra has already built a number of collaboration ties with a variety of payment platforms, particularly in the Asia-Pacific area, despite the fact that the company is still in its infancy.

In 2019, Terra made the announcement that it would be partnering with Chai, a mobile payment service based in South Korea. LUNA has a reserve of one billion tokens at its disposal.

If this quantity is surpassed, LUNA tokens would be destroyed until the supply level is back to where it should be in order to maintain balance. After then, the protocol mechanism will produce the necessary number of new LUNA tokens in order to keep the value of the Terra virtual currency constant.

Reasons To Invest in Terra Luna

There are a number of reason why people choose to invest in Terra Luna, and here a few of them;

The already-existing developer community

Even if the fresh Terra Luna might not have a well-defined road plan, it does have a sizable network of programmers and validators that are working on its future right now.

Over the course of the last week, these developers were successful in implementing a number of new updates to the Terastation mobile application.

These updates included a new dashboard, a way to start voting on governance propositions, a method for managing NFT investments, engagement with contracts, colour concepts, and more.

A network that is not centralised

If decentralisation is meant to be the point of cryptocurrencies, then Terra Luna is among the most realistic cryptocurrency projects that is currently available on the market. An enormous 70 percent of LUNA was distributed as an airdrop towards the community in late May.

Solana, on the other hand, has as much as 48 percent of both the SOL source hosted by the development team as well as VC purchased tokens; Binance, Avalanche, and Near Protocol each have as much as 50 percent of the supply; and Near Protocol has as much as 38 percent of the supply.

Because the community will be in charge of all funding, the newly established Terra Luna network will be decentralised and democratic in a way that has never been seen before.

No use of algorithms any more

The algorithm that kept the TerraUSD price pegged at $1 and the cost of Luna was the foundation upon which the Terra Classic chain was developed. This algorithm is not part of the new Terra ecosystem; in fact, there is not even a stablecoin in existence at this time.

Very few cryptocurrency projects debut with a name that is already so well-known and with an established group of developers.

Having a firm resolve

The significant number of existing Luna holders who suffered financial losses as a result of the collapse of Terra Luna and UST will continue to get fresh Terra Luna tokens well over the course of the next two years.

There are a lot of disappointed investors who are determined to make up for their losses, some of which were in the six-figure range. These investors will have an optimistic outlook on Luna initiatives and will be ready to keep their tokens until the market conditions are favourable for selling them.

Should You Invest in Terra Luna in 2022?

There is a chance that Terra Luna will regain its position among the top 20 cryptocurrencies. Nevertheless, none of this should be taken as a given. There is a significant probability that pre-existing Terra decentralised applications (dApps), protocols, and exchanges will gain huge trade volume and enhance the price of Luna throughout the remainder of 2022; however, this is simply a possibility at this time.

After becoming identified with the cryptocurrency market meltdown that began since May 2022 and also was responsible for the failure of even the most successful enterprises in the industry, Terra Luna likewise needs to gain back the confidence of its investors.

The possibility that Terra Luna will be a good investment in July 2022 is based on guesswork. In the middle of July, the price of Terra Luna is continuing to rise, and it appears that the bottom has been reached.

An investment made right now could very well go on to offer a nice return in the future and will be worthwhile for those ready to research and invest well in Terra Luna.

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