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What to Know Before Coloring Your Hair Platinum Blonde

What to Know Before Coloring Your Hair Platinum Blonde

Dying your hair to a bold color like platinum blonde will have significant changes, so you need to be safe and confident when doing it. While you can reverse a temporary dye, the permanent ones are irreversible, and you will wait for years before getting your natural hair back; something we are sure you do not want. A change can be exciting, and you might find yourself making a rushed decision but later regretting it because you acted on your emotions without thinking it through.

Before deciding to dye your hair platinum blonde, do a little bit of research first, ask questions, and give yourself time to decide if that is really what you want. This change will require you to pay more attention to the hair because failure will lead to breakage. The following tips will help you see if it is worth going down that road.

What to Know Before Coloring Your Hair Platinum Blonde

  1. You Will Make Regular Visits To The Salon

Dying the hair will bring many changes to it, which will also change your hair care schedules and maintenance routines. According to LoveHairStyles, if you go to the salon once or twice a year, that could change to once a month, or even twice your hair is growing, and the new hair will have a different color from the top one. The stylist retouches the hair to make the roots match the rest of the hair

Also, when you dye the hair, it is more prone to breakage and damages because it weakens. The hairstylist washes it with unique hair products for strengthening the roots and tips. Having timely salon visits will protect the hair from damages.

  1. Consider Your Budget

When dying platinum blonde, you require the dye and other products to protect the hair. You will also pay for labor, and you are also required to visit the salon more times in a month. All this change requires time and money, so you have to ensure your budget is straight.

Consider buying dyes from reputable companies because cheap shades can lead to scalp and hair damage. This will also require you to have extra cash because suitable dyes are expensive. You are also likely to pay more on labor if you want to get a good hairstylist with excellent services.

  1. Your Hair Becomes Delicate

While it is not something many women would want after dyeing their hair to a different shade, when you choose platinum blonde color, your hair no longer remains with the same strength. Bleached hair is like silk; therefore, you have to treat it with great care. Unlike natural hair, this one requires you to be keen on the ingredients in the products you use. They can weaken the hair and lead to breakage. Also, be careful with direct sunlight. UV rays weaken the hair and can cause the weakening and fading of the color and hence lose the brightness and shininess of your hair tresses.

Ensure you wear hats when walking in the sun. Consider moisturizing products to avoid hair dry after a wash. Tie your head with a silk material to keep the moisture and prevent breakage when sleeping.

What to Know Before Coloring Your Hair Platinum Blonde

  1. Use Less Protein Treatments

Your platinum-dyed hair will look different if you use too many proteins on it. You will get large chunks of hair falling off after shampooing if you use too much protein products. Your hairstylist should be aware of this, and if they are not, they probably are not well experienced. Find the suitable proteins to use, and balance them with moisturizing products. If you are using keratine, don’t overuse it. Using too much of it doesn’t mean you will get the results overnight. It will lead to scalp damage.

  1. Get An Experienced Colorist

The hair color could turn out to be something different from platinum blonde if wrongly done. Do not DIY if you don’t have experience or don’t know how to do it. Also, get an experienced colorist to do it for you.

The dye has chemicals, and using it against the manufacturer’s instructions could lead to accidents on your scalp. You can get a colorist from the internet. Ensure you read the reviews and ask for their client’s pictures to see if they do a good job.

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