How to make your writing more exciting?

There are many elements if infused in your writing, making your writing not just effective but exciting too. Elements are many but to name some, they are, clarity; brevity; accuracy.

Regardless, you find writing intimidating or fun, we are writing something on a daily basis. It can be a college essay, an article, an email, a blog post or even text messages. The main focus is not on our interest to write or not; the focus should be on the message you want to convey across. Whether your readers relate to it, it all depends on certain ways you incorporate in your writing to make it interesting, and exciting enough to resonate with the readers.

There are different online writing services that give you their expert advice and helps you to become an effective essay writer.

It is all the gameplay of word choice, so here are some very pragmatic tips that you can use instantly.

1.Choose the correct voice

Do not be passive in your writing, Using an active voice in your writing offer a lot of benefits such as, it builds a strong connection to the action, i.e. verb; changes an action into command; bring them in the moment; and is a lot easier for people for whom English is a second language to comprehend the writer’s message.

2.Select precise words

Using precise words brings clarity to your writing. Choosing the precise words is not just

Choose the right word and you are done. It takes constant search for the suitable word to convey your thought, you need to keep on revising and editing your writing. You constantly have to attend to the words you are using.

This process brings more clarity to your thought process, that is, what you mean and what you want to convey.

3. Focus on the nouns and verbs

The nouns and verbs used in the writing helps the readers to identify the action; who is doing the action and what is the action. Nouns represent characters and verbs name actions. Noun and verbs work together to convey the meaning of any sentence.

When you are rechecking your work, pay attention to the nouns and verbs to make your writing meaningful and interesting.

4. Audience

Choosing the words takes into account the audience you are writing for. The writer will avoid using fancy and complicated words when writing for the children. In other words, word choice not only conveys the meaning but also the feelings and emotions to make the reader relate it to his world. The writer is contributing to create a world for the reader that is perfect for him.


Word choice of a writer also describes how a writer writes. It also describes the writer’s style. Every writer has their own style and that is recognizable by the readers. For instance, Virginia Woolf was known for her poetic and melodramatic writing.


Good word choice also reflects your knowledge and education. Wrong word choice not only undermines your credibility but also confuses your readers.









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