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The Inside Scoop on the Innovative Technologies Making Moving Easier

While the idea of living in a new home is often exciting, the prospect of moving all your belongings is usually anything but. Even if you hire professional movers, you’ll still need to take an active role in organizing, planning, and executing your relocation.

Fortunately, technology has made moving easier than ever before. While smartphones and wireless internet can’t pick up any boxes for you, they can help streamline the process in many ways. 

Self-booking features

Scheduling an appointment with a moving company has never been easier. Self-booking features allow you to visit the moving company’s site online and make all the arrangements without talking to a representative directly. The online client portals are a convenient, quick way to line all of your ducks in a row before the big day.

Guardian Auto Transport,  a company that specializes in transporting a car from state to state,  is an excellent example of a moving company harnessing the power of self-booking technology. Customers can virtually schedule an appointment and track, change, and even cancel it as necessary. When you’re running around from one location to the next and planning your move, there’s nothing better than a service that lets you book from the comfort of your home. 

Organize boxes virtually

Consider using one of several apps that help you “pre-pack.” These apps estimate the height and weight of your individual belongings and then organize them in virtual boxes. Understanding how many boxes you’ll need and how much each one weighs helps you more accurately estimate moving costs.  

Another way to stay organized is with apps that print out QR labels. You attach a label to each box, and the movers simply scan the codes to learn where the boxes should go and what items are inside. A QR label system is typically set up by the moving company, although many apps exist that allow you to set up a system yourself.

Plan placement of furniture

Many different apps can also help you unpack and  stay organized in your new home.  First, you’ll use your phone to take photos of each room in your new house. Then, the app turns these photos into a 3D floor plan.

Moving furniture around is far easier and faster when done virtually compared to physically, allowing you to try out many different arrangements until you find the perfect fit. Plus, when used alongside QR codes, it will enable the movers to take items directly to their destination room in the new house.

Get multiple quotes easily

The moving industry is currently undergoing significant changes caused by a multitude of variables, including a shortage of labor and  increasing fuel prices.  It’s more crucial than ever for consumers to shop around, as the costs can vary wildly between moving companies.

Technology makes it easy to get custom quotes from multiple companies quickly. To obtain an accurate estimate, you’ll need to provide the two locations you’re moving between, as well as an estimate of the weight and type of your items. Fortunately, as mentioned above, you can use an app to measure your household belongings, no scale required. 

Wrap up

 Americans are moving  in record numbers, and they’re using a variety of innovative technology to remove many of the traditional hassles associated with the process. Today, consumers can schedule online appointments, use apps to organize packing and unpacking, and otherwise increase the overall efficiency of their move.

If you’re planning to move, one of the most valuable tools available might just be the game changer your relocation needed.

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