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Is Oshawa Weed Delivery Active This Festive Season?

The festive season is an important time of the year for everyone. It is time we unwind after a year of hard work and relax with our friends and family and prepare to welcome the new year. And in recent years, cannabis products have become an integral part of festivities in Canada, including Oshawa.

A survey was commissioned by one of the reputed cannabis companies, Jushi Holdings, to understand the recent trends in cannabis purchase among consumers. The information gathered indicated that more and more consumers from cities where recreational cannabis is legal prefer to buy cannabis products during the festive season of the year.

Marijuana has even become a part of gift-giving these days. This article will discuss whether weed delivery is active in Oshawa this festive season and how you can procure adult-use recreational weed.

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Is Weed Legal In Oshawa?

According to the Federal Cannabis Act that came into force on October 17, 2018 purchase and use of recreational weed are now legal in Oshawa. People were only allowed to purchase weed from the Ontario Cannabis Store before. Since April 2019, citizens of Oshawa can buy their preferred weed products from private recreational cannabis stores that have received licenses from the province.

Where Can You Buy Weed In Oshawa This Festive Season?

Oshawa has numerous reputable weed dispensaries which sell high-quality marijuana products. These dispensaries carry a vast range of products to cater to different needs. If you are thinking about buying cannabis products this festive season, you can visit one or more of these dispensaries and explore their products.

You need to provide your Identity card to the budtender at the store, and you can purchase whatever cannabis-infused products you want for the holidays. These dispensaries also offer lucrative discounts around December.

Or, you can buy the best weed from online stores too. Several weed vendors have launched websites of their own to enable their customers to shop from the comfort of their homes. They also offer their customers great deals and discounts during the holiday season.

You will be able to place an order on the website without any hassle any time you like. The order will get delivered to your doorstep safely. Some vendors also offer same-day delivery of cannabis products. These weed vendors also accept payments through a wide range of modes.

What Cannabis Products Can You Buy To Gift Your Loved Ones?

Exchanging gifts is an integral part of holidays. In the festive season, around December, millions of Canadian citizens choose to gift weed to their loved ones. If you have a cannabis enthusiast as a friend, buds wrapped in colorful paper topped with a bow can be the best gift for them. And, with numerous vendors selling cannabis online, shopping for festive gifts has become more accessible. So, what cannabis products can you buy for gifts:

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1. Assorted Vape Oils

Cannabis-infused vape oils can be a wonderful gift to people who love vaping. You can get a box of assorted vape oils. The set will contain a wide variety of flavored vape oils. You can get fruity-flavored vape oils like apple, cherry, mango, orange, blueberry, etc. If your friend has a sweet tooth, you can buy candy-flavored or dessert-flavored vape oils. If you want to incorporate some fun elements, you can even buy quirky-flavored vape juices.

2. Vape Juices/Oils

If your friend loves to vape to blow off steam, cannabis-infused vape juices can be a great gift to them. You can buy a set of different flavored vape juices. They are available in fruity flavors, tobacco flavor, or mint flavors. Apart from being an enjoyable pastime, vape juices infused with cannabis can have multiple health benefits too. Vaping cannabis can help relieve stress and anxiety, reduce chronic pain, and even help in treating diabetes.

3. Cannabis Gummies

Do you have a friend who has an insatiable sweet tooth? Take a beautiful jar of Cannabis-infused bear gummies with you when you visit them during these holidays. Trust me. They will be overjoyed. Cannabis gummies are a fun and discreet way to consume weed. Besides being immensely delicious, they are easy to carry too. These gummies also have several health benefits.

4. Cannabis-infused Cookies

No one can imagine holidays without cookies and cakes. And, if they are infused with high-quality weed, they become the perfect gift item for your cannabis-loving friend. You can bake them yourself or get them from any weed-selling bakeries in Oshawa. Take a basket of chocolate chips or oatmeal raisin cookies to celebrate the festivities with your loved one and revel in the euphoria.

5. Cannabis Brownies

Who doesn’t love brownies? You can bake a batch of cannabis-infused brownies and gift a basket of those to your cannabis-loving friends. They are delicious and are one of the most popular Cannabis edibles, and can make an excellent gift choice.

Where Can You Consume Weed in Oshawa?

Though recreational weed is legalized in Oshawa, it does not mean you can consume weed anywhere you want. According to the Smoke-Free Ontario Act of 2017, smoking and vaping of weed is forbidden in spaces where tobacco smoking is banned. You can consume weed in your private home or designated areas in hotels. These are some of the places where smoking pot is prohibited:

  • Indoor common areas in apartments, schools, and colleges.
  • Within 20 meters of a school, parks, and playgrounds.
  • Within 20 meters of community recreational facilities.

How Much Weed Can You Gift Someone?

A person above the age of 18 years is allowed to buy and gift about 1 ounce or 30 grams of dried weed to someone in Oshawa. Or, if you are buying other kinds of weed-infused products, these are amounts you can gift to someone.

  • 150 grams of fresh cannabis flowers or leaves
  • 450 grams of cannabis-infused edibles.
  • 2100 grams of liquid cannabis such as vape oils
  • 5 grams of concentrated cannabis products, like vape oils and tinctures
  • Or, you can give 30 cannabis seeds to someone who would want to grow weed in their home.

The Bottom Line:

The recent purchase behavior of weed consumers shows that an increasing number of people are choosing to buy recreational marijuana products during the holiday season. Nowadays, Cannabis products have become popular gift items too. They help you relax and induce feelings of well-being. Controlled recreational weed consumption can help you, and your friends feel rejuvenated at the end of the holidays and join work with full energy.

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