How to incorporate the use of a multi-URL QR code in storing and sharing your multi-lingual content?

As globalization is now making an impact for small and large businesses to penetrate a more diverse customer ecological system, going multilingual with the content on their products and services has enabled them to rank higher in the global market.

Since they can connect and communicate with customers that speak other language and is not fluent with English, the opportunity it brings them widens in terms of their multicultural influence and number of customers that will try and use their product or service.

Because of the opportunities it can give, many smart entrepreneurs are taking the opportunity to translate their business site’s language into their target audience’s language to supply their difficulty in understanding English like people that live in regions that focuses on enhancing their native language.

With QR codes becoming a staple tool for most modern marketers’ marketing needs, selecting the right QR code generator with logo and its feature is important for them.

What is a language-based multi-URL QR code?

A language-based multi-URL QR code is a multi-URL QR code feature that redirects people to a language-based URL that is set with their browser or smartphone’s language setting. This means that you can add a different URL at the language you set to pair with and you don’t have to deal with content cluttering issues, but it’s also an easier and faster means to lessening the number of QR codes being displayed in your establishment.

This feature is useful for businesses that are currently expanding their operations internationally like online shops, retail stores, electronics, and more.

Why businesses that aim to launch internationally should start creating their language-based Multi-URL QR code?

As more businesses and entities are now incorporating the use of QR codes to create seamless contactless means for their target audience to consume content, knowing the right QR code to use can be difficult for many business owners as they need to start modifying their marketing and operations on an international scale.

With ease, and convenience as one of the vital factors they consider when planning to operate and launch their product internationally, here are five useful reasons why these businesses must integrate the use of a Multi-URL QR code to create their language-based QR codes.

  1. Minimizes pages placed in a user guide.
  2. Displays the right content display for every user.
  3. It eases content misinterpretations.
  4. Lessen the time spent for online visitors in translating the information you set in a different language.

5.You can update the content anytime.

How to make a language-based Multi URL QR code?

With the promising advantages a multi-URL QR code can bring to businesses who want to create a simplified QR code system for the products and services they market locally and internationally, they can integrate its language URL feature in placing one content with different translations in just one code.

To integrate it, these businesses will only have to follow these simple QR code generation steps.

  1. Go to an online QR code generator with logo website and make an account.
  2. Select the Multi-URL category and choose the language feature.
  3. Set language your customers mostly are native and add the appropriate content/link for that specific language
  4. Click the Generate dynamic QR code button and create your QR code.
  5. Customize your language-based Multi-URL QR code design and run a scan test.
  6. Download and place it in your product packaging.


As the need to create a simple solution for complex ideas is can be achieved with the use of technology, businesses that incorporate the use of technology to operate have a greater advantage in fully maximizing their marketing and operations efforts locally and internationally.

With the introduction of tools like a multi-URL QR code, small and starting businesses that want to expand their jurisdiction internationally can let their target audience understand their brand and product further and avoid any content misinterpretations.

By simply creating a QR code that directs them to language-based content, customers can directly read the content in their language and will not have to go to a language translation app to translate it.


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