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3 unexpected majors to apply to in 2021: where to study to get a relevant education

The previous year was a critical year for many professions, as it was for the education system as a whole. Some professions lost their importance, while others came to the forefront.

In this article, we will discuss 3 professions relevant in 2021 that have overcome the crisis and are open to new opportunities.

A few words about the job market

If you are planning to apply or re-apply in the near future, you need to be aware of what is happening in the job market and the education system. A lot has changed in the past year, and those professions that have been able to adapt to the online have benefited. This applies to IT, advertising, media, etc.This also applies to services that help organize the processes of studying and also write my essay service.

But the field of hospitality and tourism was not ready for change and faced certain difficulties related to the online format. Nevertheless, applicants to this field of study should take a closer look, and now we will tell you why.

Tourist business

The tourism industry suffered the most: the borders closed, and with them many hotels and institutions whose work was related to tourism. Cities and countries for which tourism was a significant component of the economy were especially hard hit.

It would seem that huge financial losses have dealt the tourism sector, from which it will not recover, and even if it recovers, it will not be the same as before. But let’s look around: the crisis has only exacerbated the need for people to receive positive emotions. And what could be easier in this respect than travel?

Despite closed borders and restrictions, people find ways to travel, and the travel industry has revised its priorities. For example, you may have noticed a resurgence in domestic tourism, a demand for sustainability, and digital transformation (platforms for developing your itineraries and leisure activities have emerged). Nature reserves and national parks have grown in popularity. A vacation in some agro-farm is something that is of interest to the modern tourist.

Another popular direction is virtual tourism. Here we are rather talking about some online concerts, visits to exhibitions and museums.

Love travel and everything related to it? Choose the direction of “tourism”.

Hotel business

The hotel business suffered the most, as not only closed borders affected it, but also minor restrictions. But even in a situation of almost complete paralysis, it managed to adapt (as in other crises). Modern hotels are adapting to offices, nightclubs, etc. The immediate challenges of the hotel business are to revise security protocols, find non-standard solutions to the current situation, etc. Qualified, competent, and creative specialists can help businesses in this matter.

The educational system, in particular, some universities, have already considered the situation and are ready to graduate new specialists, ready to solve such problems.

In addition, the future in this profession will not be boring.

The restaurant business

You can see that many establishments are closing down. But new ones are coming in to replace them. You shouldn’t expect the restaurant business to go away. It, unlike others, is the easiest to adapt to. No matter how convenient it would be to order delivery or cook on their own, sooner or later people get tired of being cooped up and they will be looking for options.

Summer terraces, caterers, and simply picnics in nature with ready-made meals and service are excellent options for such an exit.

But there’s also a chance to sit inside a place, too. After all, restaurants and cafes are primarily about atmosphere and emotion, not just about eating out.

How to get out of the crisis and what to invent to entice a demanding visitor is the task of the staff and, in particular, the manager of the restaurant. And that can be learned.

Entering this year? Take a closer look at these majors. Perhaps one of them will appeal to you and you can realize yourself in it.


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