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How Dubai Dhow Cruise Makes Your Evening special?

Don’t traverse Dubai just by road to have fun on sandy beaches. Dubai has much more to offer a wonderful experience. The canals of Dubai have become an exciting route to admire edifices, colorful streets, and monuments through the city’s waterways.

A Dubai Dhow cruise has developed a craze among tourists to dine and wine on a floating restaurant.  A pleasant ambiance along with terrific sightseeing is an ever cherishing memory to have. You get a golden opportunity to enjoy the city’s fascinating skyline while being welcomed for a grand dinner buffet.

Let me introduce you to the commonly used word in this post.

Do you know what a Dhow is?

A ‘Dhow’ symbolic of Arab culture dates back to when people used it for trading, fishing, and pearl diving that evolved into a modern Dhow cruise. A  traditional wooden planked sailing vessel thus got renovated into a marine restaurant. And you will be surprised to see the city like hospitality, five-star standard meals and music background. What makes it more exciting is the breathtaking skyline view amidst dazzling lights. The enchanting local entertainment enhances the nighttime.

Earlier, Dubai Creek cruises were the only Dhow cruise, giving views of historic Dubai and local souqs. A Dhow cruise at Dubai Creek is the one you can hop on if you crave to step back into a bygone era. As the traditional cruise attracted most tourism, the idea of operating a luxury cruise in Dubai Marina proved rewarding. Dubai Marina cruise offers a glimpse of the expanded and modish Dubai built with perfect design. The high-rise buildings and thorough esplanade, planned along the artificial water canals, are passed by. The awestruck views of the Dubai Marina, the Palm Jumeirah Island, and the world’s most giant observation wheel – Ain Dubai is the latest iconic project that catches your eye instantly.

The twilight timings of a Dhow cruise are usually preferred by those who want to savor the grand local and international dinners, captivating sights, and regional dance performances. The sun creates a perfect aura for an unforgettable and romantic dinner when it goes down the horizon. On the other hand, tourists keen to see Dubai in natural daylight pick up daytime cruises that mainly focus on sightseeing tours.

What makes you choose the Dubai Dhow Cruise?

Alexandra dhow cruise is the one most in-demand. It is a 90 Feet gorgeous Arabic ‘Dhow’ that has been refurbished to bring a holistic experience and a party blast on this dinner cruise. Alexandra Dhow cruise is the floating sensation for a rocking eve under the gleaming night sky. If you travel to Dubai and not cruising through Dubai Marina, you are surely missing the seafaring across the lagoon generated by Palm Island. When ‘Modern Dubai’ is seen from the water, you get a different perspective of the other side entirely that otherwise may get missed if you walk or drive by. Live ‘Tanura’ show in the middle of the waters is an unparalleled entertainment- something that varies a little from that offered onshore.

Usually, the tourists are impressed with the diverse menu options, amazing welcome drinks. A classy order offers one beef dish, one fish dish, one chicken dish, five different salads, five sweet dishes, and seafood soup. Temptation and passion for relishing assorted delicacies bring in many gourmets to the venue.

The majestic dhow cruise dine-in combined with live entertainment seizes thoughts for a while. Also, it creates an epic moment for the rest of your life.








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