Great Decor Ideas for Your Gaming Room

The possibilities are endless when it comes to trimming a gaming room. Whether you play on a personal computer (PC) or a console, you can find a myriad of ways to decorate your gaming space and make it your own.


We turned to the experts at hotspawn.com, your number one resource for all things esports and gaming, for advice on trimming your gaming room. Today, we’ll explore some of the top decor ideas for your gaming room.

Liven Up Your Gaming Room With Plants


Indoor houseplants are an excellent addition to any room in your home, including your gaming room. Indoor plants offer many incredible benefits to your space as well. Studies show that keeping a live plant as scenery in your home can improve focus, increase creativity, and relieve stress. Some plants are even known to potentially enhance indoor air quality.

As decorations for your gaming room, there are many plants to consider. For example, if your game room is windowless or you keep the windows covered, many plants do well in low-light conditions, such as the spider plant, lucky bamboo, and snake plant. So, consider scheduling an indoor plant delivery to liven up your video game room.

Theme Your Video Game Room



Another popular idea for a video game room is to theme it. You can theme your gaming space any way you choose. Whether you want to theme it after your favorite video game consoles, such as a PlayStation, Xbox, or Nintendo theme, or after your favorite game, such as Call of Duty, Overwatch, or League of Legends, there are many themes to consider.

In addition, just because it’s a gaming room doesn’t mean it has to be video game-themed. You could theme your design with an outdoorsy theme, which would complement your indoor plants, or even simply theme it after your favorite color. In the end, the choice is yours because it’s your room, after all.

Consider the Lighting



Lighting is a significant part of decor nowadays. Lighting in a home no longer only functions to increase visibility. Today, lighting and light fixtures are essential parts of a home’s decoration and design. Therefore, you should consider looking at the lighting in your gaming room. Aside from the primary ceiling light in the room, you could include additional lighting in the form of desk lamps, accent lamps, and more.

One popular lighting item for many game rooms is an LED light strip. These light strips come in many different varieties, including single-color, multicolored, and color-changing LED light strips. These light strips make the perfect accent for your gaming desk, shelving, around window sills, and more. Wherever you include these light strips, your gaming room will look completely different.

A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Words



Aside from the eclectic decorations to place around the room, you can’t forget about the walls. It doesn’t matter how many plants you have, the theme, or how many light strips are around your gaming setup if the walls are bare. Any design scheme isn’t complete without wall decor.

There are countless options for wall decoration, from pictures to signs to posters. Not to mention, you can always incorporate your theme into your wall decorations. For example, you can include a couple of Call of Duty posters if you’re theming your gaming room after Call of Duty. Likewise, if you’re theming your game room after PlayStation, you can hang PlayStation signs, posters, or even a PlayStation canvas print. So long as your walls aren’t bare and the hanging decoration is relevant, your game room will look fully decorated.

A Comfy, Beautiful Gaming Room

Decorations are often overlooked in functional rooms like a gaming room. However, decorations are how we incorporate our personalities into our homes. So, consider including indoor plants, making a theme, changing up the lighting, and hanging wall decorations to decorate your game room.

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