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Web-Based vs. Mobile Casinos: Which Are More Popular Nowadays?

More people are using mobile devices to surf the web every day. Whether checking the weather forecast or reading the news, you are more likely to use your smartphone than a computer. 

Is the same true for online gambling? Do more people play on mobile than in web-based casinos? Our guide shows the advantages and drawbacks of both methods while searching to discover the more popular way of playing!

What Is a Web-Based Casino?

A web-based casino is one that you play from your internet browser. This is the first similarity between the two categories. You’ll easily find a mobile casino online that supports playing from a web browser on your portable device. But when talking about a browser-based casino, the majority thinks about playing on desktop computers.

It all starts by finding the desired platform. You click the link or type the casino’s address in the browser. The software takes you to the website, where you can register and start playing. 

This is the basic way of using online casinos. Once it all started back in the 1990s, the only browser-based play was available. Today, the reports indicate that market value is close to $59 billion, which is impressive growth.

Web-Based Casinos – Pros and Cons

These are the pros of playing in online casinos from a web browser:

  • A bigger screen. If you play from a PC browser, you will have a bigger display. That contributes to the overall gaming experience.
  • All casinos are available this way. Some might not have a mobile-friendly site or app. But all gaming operators start with a website, and you can access them from any browser.
  • No limits with available games. Even if some games aren’t available on mobile, you can surely play them on a desktop computer.

This playing method also has several downsides. Those include:

  • You need a secure computer. If the PC lacks adequate protection, you might become a hacker target. That puts you at risk from identity theft and someone stealing your financial information.
  • A safe connection is a must. Public Wi-Fi networks are a huge risk, so you’ll need a VPN or an alternative solution.
  • It’s necessary to be by those devices. It’s not practical to take your desktop computer or laptop to bed, not to mention outside.

An Overview of Mobile Casinos

Smartphones are a part of all segments of our lives. If you are checking the latest entertainment news, you do that with your mobile phone. The same device serves to communicate and play games. And if you spend leisure time on your smartphone, why wouldn’t you use it to visit online casinos?

While discussing mobile casinos, it’s important to mention two different methods available:

  • Mobile-friendly sites. It resembles the browser play experience from PCs. The webpage design adjusts to your smartphone screen size.
  • Mobile apps. A more straightforward and user-friendly gaming experience is available on mobile applications. The ease of use makes them a more popular option. However, not all casinos have this specialized software.

If you bought an Apple device recently and contributed to the company’s $83 billion quarterly sales, you’ll have a premium gaming experience on it. Many mobile apps are downloadable in the App Store for free.

As for Android, you can download apps from the Google Play Store. Some casinos offer Android applications via their official websites. That will require downloading and installing the software manually.

Once you open the app, you can use existing login credentials for that casino. If you registered an account on PC, enter your username and password, and you’ll access the profile. The same games and features should be available on all devices.

Mobile Casinos – Pros and Cons

The reports say that mobile phones were the source of 56.75% of all internet traffic. Gambling operators took that seriously and made sure to offer a premium gaming experience. That includes the following benefits when playing on mobile:

  • Convenience. It’s not only about playing from any place with an internet connection. You can also lie comfortably in your bed, and there’s no need to sit by the PC.
  • Specialized bonuses. Many gaming operators are ready to motivate players to download their apps. That’s why they offer customized promotions for those playing on mobile.
  • A friendly interface. The interface adapts to the screen size. The developers also ensure page loading is fast and the apps run smoothly.

What about the downsides of mobile casinos? You might experience the following drawbacks on portable devices:

  • Apps are not available for all casinos. Many operators don’t have dedicated apps, which forces you to play from a mobile device browser. The gaming experience isn’t as pleasant as when playing with specialized software.
  • Outdated phones and systems can be an issue. The new technology used to design mobile casinos, such as HTML5, requires using modern devices. That doesn’t mean you need Samsung Galaxy S21 or other latest models. It shouldn’t be a problem with phones that are several years old. However, older devices might have issues running mobile casinos.

Final Thoughts – Which Are More Popular?

It’s impossible to pronounce the winner since both methods are still popular among users. It’s noticeable that more users have migrated to mobile casinos recently. However, browser play still has a large fan base. 

Many players combine playing on desktop computers and smartphones. If they are at home, they use a PC with bigger screens. But if on the move, users can continue playing their favorite casino games. Online casinos offer cross-platform support, which means you use the same credentials on all devices. That ensures a full gaming experience and guarantees you can enjoy visiting online gambling sites from anywhere!


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