Why Do Influencers and Streamers Choose Texas?

Online streaming and online content creation has become a huge industry with huge potential earnings too, with lucrative deals to play video games on large contracts with some of the most recent expanding to online casinos like casino-ohne-anmeldung and partnerships with big celebrities, they’ve become household names in their own right. In recent years there has been a big migration however for popular streamers and even some celebrities moving to the lone star state, but what are the reasons for the move and will fans see more of their favorite content creators make the move in the future?

A great streaming community encourages the move – With so many content creators either having lived in Texas their whole life or having made the move much earlier before it became common to do so, there’s a fantastic streaming community already there for networking options and the chance to collaborate with other big content creators. As streamer houses for organizations have become more common place too with the likes of OTK and OfflineTV for example, it provides something of a support structure for newcomers too and an opportunity to break out with some of the biggest names in the online space today.

No income tax is an incentive, too – A large number of content creators hailing from other states often wouldn’t cite this as a reason but with huge earnings being a possibility, not having to worry about paying any income tax will be reason enough for many, particularly those from states which have a particularly high-income tax. Combined with reasons like the community above, especially where streamer houses are common to see too, it provides the opportunity to put some money away for a career which can be only a limited time option, or difficult to get off the ground when starting out.

Lower cost of living will contribute, too – The lack of income tax is only one of the financial concerns too, but cost of living plays a part – many of the big streamers often initially come from different states with a large representation in California too as Los Angeles was once the home for migration of content creators, but large tax and the large cost of living was often enough to offset the lifestyle. With Texas having a much fairer cost of living, and once again things like shared housing become more fashionable for streamers too, it has helped to spur the change.

Other big celebrities had also announced their move to Texas with Joe Rogan being a notable name after his reported $100 million Spotify deal, and big companies like Tesla have made the change away from California to Texas too as the state could become a new home for tech and entertainment together.

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