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6 Tips To Protect You From The Texas Sun

Summer is an excellent time to relax and take a break from the thick and puffy clothes. It is natural to want to expose your body to the sun’s warm rays by wearing light clothing and going out often with friends and family. It is also a way to get that vitamin D and improve your immune system. 

However, you should know that the Texas sun is not all healthy. The sunlight contains some harmful radiation called UV rays. Overexposure to these rays can cause sunburn, eye damage, wrinkles, or even worse, skin cancer. You don’t want any of these, and that is why you have to protect yourself. Read through for tips to protect you from the effects of the sun!

6 Tips To Protect You From The Texas Sun
A young woman applying sun cream or sunscreen on her tanned shoulder to protect her skin from the sun. Shot on a sunny day with blurry sand in the background.
  • Wear A Hat

You might not want to ruin your hair by wearing a hat. However, the shade you get from it is an excellent protection for you. Ensure that your hat has at least 2-3 inches brim that shields your entire face, ears, and neck. It is not enough to wear just any kind of hat, though. Wear those made with thick woven fabric and not straw hats that have enough space for the UV rays to peep in. You can find them in various colors, but a darker hat would offer more protection. Consider getting quality black snapback hats 

You now understand why your summer set isn’t complete without a hat. A baseball cap might do in case you don’t fancy hats, but you may need extra protective wear. 

  • Use A Sunscreen

This item works wonders. Never leave your house without applying sunscreen. What does sunscreen do? As the name implies, it screens the UV ray away from your body. Sunscreens contain Sun Protection Factor (SPF) that helps cancel-out exposure to UV rays. Apply a good broad-spectrum sunscreen every hot day on all body parts at least 20 minutes before going out. In fact, add extra layers to the exposed parts.

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Also, take the sunscreen in your bag with you. It is for when the sunscreen wears out, and you would need to reapply after about two hours in the sun. Sweating or activities like swimming could also wash it out quickly. Just read the guidelines and instructions from the manufacturer and follow them strictly to protect yourself from the Texas sun.

  • Wear Protective Outfits 

The use of hats was already mentioned, but that’s not all there is to the protective clothing. It is okay to want to break free from the thick and long clothes you wore through the winter season. But it is more advisable to wear long-sleeved shirts, long skirts and pants in the summer as they are effective in protecting you from the harmful UV rays.  

 You may wear these outfits in brighter colors to deflect the sun’s rays. Some clothes are specifically manufactured for the sole purpose of UV protection but are very light and breathable. So when possible, wear protective outfits as you go out.

  • Make Use of Some Shade

You could get protection from the sun under the long branches of a tree, your umbrella, or a shed. They could prevent your skin from damage and cancer. So, while waiting at the bus or train station or by the roadside, you could make do with any shade near you.  

 Always bring an umbrella in your bag, especially in the hot season. The presence of shade, however, should not stop you from using your sunscreen and wearing UV protective clothes as the sun’s rays may still reflect under the shade.  

  • Use Sunglasses

Think of the beachside pictures you see; almost everyone has some sunglasses on. You may wonder what that is about, but it is not just for fashion. It is also for protection. As UV rays also harm the eyes, you need to protect yourself with a pair of sunglasses. They can shield your eyes from UVA and UVB rays. It reduces the risk of you coming down with cataracts.

Wrap-around sunglasses are even more effective as they prevent harmful rays from entering your eyes through the sides. The tender skin around your eyes is also protected. As you decide and prepare to leave your house, grab those sunglasses. They protect you

  • Stay Indoors

The exposure to UV light is highest between 10 am to 4 pm. Why not stay indoors at these times if possible? It is better to avoid exposure to sunlight around this time as it can lead to sunburn, dehydration, and even heat stroke. So, if you have the chance, fix your outdoor activities and play dates to after 4 pm to reduce your exposure risk.


Ultimately, the best way to protect your skin from the Texas sun is to avoid it. If it is possible to stay indoors between 10 am to 4 pm when the sun is hottest, do so for your own good. If not, you can wear protective hats, dresses, and sunscreens when you go out.


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