VR Chats for Adults

Current VR technologies tend not to focus on images and sounds but are actively pursuing tactile experiences. Now is the time when a new type of content can arise, where the depicted objects will not only be visible but also tactile. The combination of audiovisual simulation of reality in headsets and literal body stimulation is at the heart of the concept of virtual intimacy. The transition to it is possible thanks to the Internet of things — a technology that connects various devices in a live ecosystem.

VR Chats with Additional Devices

Devices that promise to bring sex closer in virtual reality simultaneously synchronize the image in a headset with a real object for you to control your partner’s toy from Dreamcam VR webcams.

This is part of a larger trend: interactive video games, the growing popularity of porn, and the development of the digital pleasure industry. However, interfaces and devices that can offer a tactile experience from virtual reality are only being developed. In many chat rooms, girls offer their clients remote control with the help of various toys.

Spectators are transformed from mere observers into protagonists. As more and more people start using headsets and teledildonics become more common, there is an urgent need for the viewer to get as close as possible to the content being viewed instead of just watching it from afar.

How Does Virtual Reality Help in the Intimate Sphere?

VR can improve already established sexual relationships:

One of the challenges of couple relationships is to determine the range of acceptable sexual practices for both. Chatting in virtual reality with the girl you like can help with disagreements over sexual preferences and, as a result, with emotional cooling.

Unleash Your Fantasies

VR offers great freedom of imagination — from immersive reality and completely fictional worlds to the possibility of trying on another body. The field for solo and couple experiments with an online partner is expanding to infinity, and the possibilities for exploring one’s sexuality are reaching a fundamentally new level.

Such technologies become very relevant today against the backdrop of discussions about how sex was before, what has changed in it today, and whether it will be the same as before. VR can become a comfortable territory for those who feel insecure.

One of the clear benefits of VR chats is the simulation of real stories in a safe and intimate environment. A person sees only a picture that is no longer available to anyone. They do not need to be ashamed of their reactions, unlike the situation when he sits in front of a psychologist or sexologist.

When communicating with girls in virtual reality, the viewers are no longer limited by the screen of a laptop or smartphone. Instead they are inside the process and can control it, which generates empathy. And consequently, the objectification inherent in porn is replaced by the perception of VR models as partners in fantasy, that is, as active subjects of action.

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