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Features of choosing a contractor for development iOS applications

The iOS application market is growing today due to large players who want to expand their business with the help of a solvent audience of iPhone owners. At the same time, it cannot be said that the market is too oversaturated. As a rule, two developers apply for one vacancy. Sometimes it is difficult to find an experienced iOS developer, so companies often recruit even beginners for large startups. All these factors attract young programmers to implement their projects in the iOS environment (more details here: https://stfalcon.com/en/services/hire-ios-developers).

Features of choosing a contractor for development iOS applications

The most common programming language for iOS applications is Swift. Large projects are created on its syntax and old ones are modernized. At the same time, experienced developers do not always want to “transfer” from Objective to Swift due to old habits. This creates a shortage of staff for the modern development of mobile applications for the iOS system.

About the requirements and hiring of employees without practical experience

There are practically no typical requirements for iOS developers. It all depends on the company of the employer and the conditions of the project. For example, agencies primarily consider the ability to communicate and maintain communications, because in most cases they have to serve large customers with full-time employees. In this concept, it is important to find points of interaction with the customer’s personnel and build an effective communication model.

Specialists without experience may well find a worthy place in the iOS application development market. First of all, if the company has the resources to “educate” a young programmer in its “native” walls. Also, a young employee can count on a vacancy in a project where there are no strict time limits.

The key criteria for hiring an iOS developer are:

  • Understanding the features of mobile application development.
  • Knowledge of programming languages, primarily Swift, Obj-C. The new Swift language has been in use for 6 years. This is a relatively short period for updating the programming architecture. Also, Swift is not taught in specialized educational institutions or is not given due attention. As a result, there is a certain shortage of personnel with knowledge of this code building syntax. This is a common reason why companies prefer to “raise” a specialist at home.
  •     Skill to work in a team. The candidate appreciates the ability to communicate with the rest of the team and exchange experience mutually beneficial.
  • Knowledge of modern frameworks and code editing tools.

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Today, the number of companies that use the iOS software environment to expand their business has grown. In this regard, the need for specialists has also undergone quantitative changes. Finding a smart developer for a team is not so much difficult as it is expensive. First of all, due to the low prevalence of the Swift language and the high barrier to start: code editing requires an expensive device running macOS.

Developing iOS applications is a costly process in terms of time and effort. For a quality product, programmers, a designer, a designer, a manager, a marketer will be required. It is important to devote time to a future project yourself. Therefore, before hiring performers, you need to decide on the concept of the project and understand the relevance of the development team at this stage.

Detailing the idea

Before starting development, it is important to think through the details of the product. What needs can it satisfy? What niche will it occupy? How will the sales and promotion process be streamlined? This set of issues is within the competence of the customer and marketer. It is not necessary to shift the planning and positioning of the product to the performers of technical processes. Why? Check this site.

 If there is no planned concept, it will not be possible to achieve a positive result. This simple truth, confirmed by time, has repeatedly proved its exceptional validity. Without a foundation, building infrastructure is simply pointless.

Useful rules for choosing an artist

The first and main selection criterion is experience and portfolio. Strong skills confirm the success of the contractor and the level of knowledge of modern development tools. Sometimes the choice can be stopped at a young company if the contractor has strong potential and interest. As practice shows, the involvement of third-party employees in the project adds motivation and a level of responsibility.

When hiring a third-party team, it is important to take into account the experience of the performers in the product niche in which the startup will develop. Knowing the features and specifics will help to avoid typical mistakes and build a successful strategy for promoting the product on the market.


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