The State of C# Development In 2022

If Mark Twain were a programmer and lived in our days, then for sure, having heard the apocalyptic forecasts of some futurists about the imminent death of C#, he would have said: “The rumors about the close passing of C# are greatly exaggerated.”

In fact, C# has been consistently in the top ten most popular programming languages ​​for several years in a row – it employs 29.81% of programmers worldwide. In addition, the demand for C# Developers’ service continues to grow steadily, and their average salary is $100,000 a year.

What is the secret of the unfading popularity of C#? What allows this language to hold leadership positions for so long?

C# – components of success

If you want to learn more about the origins and development of C#, it’s easy to find relevant primary sources. Moreover, the community of C# developers are extensive, and the documentation for this language is very detailed and well-structured. By the way, these factors are also a powerful argument in favor of the popularity of C#.

We will list the most obvious advantages of this programming language, which provides making 5-Star apps in any environment and for any platform.

There are:

And much more.

What’s in store for C# in 2022?

The number of programmers using C# is growing exponentially. In the second half of 2020 alone, this global community has grown by half a million people.

Today, C# ranks fifth in the popularity list among developers worldwide.

According to Google’s ranking, C# is the fourth programming language searching for technical documentation and manuals.

Even though today there are already more than six and a half million C# developers working globally, the need for them is not decreasing. Each fifth HR manager in software development, testing, and maintenance companies is looking for specialists working with this language.

In light of the above facts, it is safe to say that C# will hold positions in the list of the most popular software solutions over the next few years.

Of course, like any other language or framework, C# is not without flaws. You can often hear complaints about its slow response compared to competing development environments, over-reliance on the built-in garbage collector, and so on. However, all this does not prevent the demand for C# software among the leading players in the global computer market.

And this fact is the most convincing argument in favor of the viability of C#.

Is it worth it to start learning C# today, given the prospects of this language?

Of course, everyone who plans their future, choosing this or that profession, has their own point of view on their place among colleagues. In the case of C#, you can decide. Perhaps you decide to join the enormous community of C# developers. It’s easy to find a job and further improve your skills, gradually moving forward in this environment. Or maybe you immediately want to master a little spread, but therefore highly paid language at the start, and become one of the chosen ones. The choice is strictly individual.

However, summing up, let’s draw your attention to another important fact: a confident knowledge of C# can be the beginning of your successful career, allowing you to master other similar solutions in the future.

This approach will definitely make you a real universal soldier. As the saying goes, a good start is half done.

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