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Crypto Gambling in 2022 – Meaning, Casinos & Betting

Cryptocurrencies have opened up a world of new opportunities for crypto betting sites. In this regard, the attention to crypto casinos and betting platforms is increasing significantly. In this article, we will look at the essential details that every player should know before starting to play or place bets.

What Is Crypto Gambling?

Crypto gambling is traditional gaming in online casinos and bets on betting platforms, but not with fiat – with cryptocurrencies – Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and others. Thus, crypto gambling is critically different from traditional gambling due to blockchain technology’s advantages. For instance, players really appreciate the following benefits:

  • Low fees;
  • Quick payments;
  • No governmental control;
  • High privacy;
  • No dependence on location, etc.

As you can see, cryptocurrency payments are fundamentally different from ordinary ones – bank cards, transfers, and so on. Players save on fees, receive their money in minutes, and don’t have to worry about revealing their identity when sending or receiving a payment. Thus, the introduction of cryptocurrencies into payment methods has brought a real revolution to the world of online casinos and betting.

Crypto Gambling Sites

As you already understood, there are two main types of crypto gambling sites – casinos and betting. These are two completely different topics, but influential gambling representatives often offer casinos and betting under the same brand. Now we will consider each of the types of gambling sites separately.

Crypto Casinos

Crypto casino is the gambling activity that can be found most often. The larger the crypto casino, the more games it offers players. Popular Bitcoin online casinos games, of course, are available in almost every casino – poker, roulette, dice, slots, baccarat, bingo, blackjack, and so on.

If we talk about the differences between traditional and crypto casinos, there are special bonuses in addition to the benefits when paying. For example, those players who make deposits in Bitcoin, Ethereum, or other coins receive a reward for using cryptocurrency. And, more often than not, these bonuses are pretty significant.

Most players prioritize game selection and bonuses, but this is not always the essential feature of a crypto casino. But the presence of a casino license is a very significant fact. Given the incredible popularity today, you can find hundreds of cryptocurrency casinos, but not all of them are legitimate. If you are interested in finding a crypto casino, then, first of all, check for a license. It characterizes the casino as a trusted one and guarantees assistance to players in solving any problems with the casino.

Crypto Betting

Crypto betting is a real find for sports fans. As we have already said, you can often see casinos and betting in the same brand, which is very convenient. Thus, players can try all kinds of gambling without registering on many sites. Crypto betting platforms offer not only bets on traditional sports but also e-sports and virtual sports. Thus, players can bet on football, basketball, tennis, golf, as well as League of Legends, DOTA 2, Fortnite, etc.

We have already talked about bonuses in crypto casinos, and in the case of crypto betting, these bonuses do not differ. The only difference you will see is free bets instead of free spins. Free bets are an opportunity for players to place a bet without spending money from their account. And, in case of a losing bet, you do not lose money.

Crypto betting platforms, like casinos, must be licensed. If a brand offers both a casino and betting, the license will be general. If you are looking specifically for a crypto bookmaker, you should also check the license. Of course, you can also work with a crypto betting site that does not have a license. Well, if there are no problems with the site, but if there are problems, you will have nowhere to turn, except for the support service.

Cryptocurrencies Accepted By Crypto Gambling Sites

Today, players are no longer surprised when they see a casino or betting platform that accepts Bitcoin. Therefore, the creators are trying as much as possible to expand the list of cryptocurrencies that can be used to make payments.

Important: There may be different crypto coins for deposits and withdrawals at some crypto gambling sites.


Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency that the world saw. Today, nothing has changed, and Bitcoin remains the first cryptocurrency in popularity among investors. That is why all crypto gambling sites include Bitcoin in their payment methods.


Ethereum is the second cryptocurrency, both in terms of “age” and popularity. Payments in Ethereum, as in most crypto coins, are fast – money usually arrives within 5 minutes, and commissions do not exceed 2-3 dollars with a standard network load.


Litecoin was initially created precisely as a cryptocurrency with minimal commissions and high-speed payments. Today, this coin is accepted by many companies, as the commissions are really among the lowest – less than $1, and payments are processed in a matter of minutes.

Crypto Gambling in 2022 – Final Thoughts

Today, we briefly dived into the world of crypto gambling and found out that crypto casinos and betting platforms offer their players a vast amount of benefits. Recall that it is crucial to check gambling sites for a license. Good licenses are licenses from Curacao, Montenegro, and the UK.

If you have already decided to try playing in a casino or betting on your favorite sport, it will be essential to check the platforms for various factors. To save time, we recommend using review sites like bitcoinbookies.net. We really hope that this article will help you find the right gambling site and avoid many mistakes.


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