Edison’s Electrical Dream is Reinvented with the 2025 Fully Electric Pickup Truck

EVs or electrical vehicles seem to be all the rage these days. Elon Musk’s Tesla EV is said to be flying off the shelf, so to speak. But while the electric car market is undergoing rapid growth, many truck and 4X4 owners have, in the past, disavowed an all-electric motor since they are perceived to be lacking in power.

Let’s for it, for pickup truck enthusiasts, there’s nothing quite like the combustion engine for pushing, hauling, pulling, and negotiating rough terrain like the deep woods.

But then came the hybrid truck which was a composite electric and gas fed engine, and suddenly, truck owners found themselves warming up to the electric idea. Even online pickup truck components and parts businesses like Americantrucks.com are presently supplying components, parts, and steel wheelsto EV pickup trucks like the new Ford all-electric F-150.

That said, there’s a brand new EV pickup in the works that’s not only turning heads because of its bold design, but also because of its powerful all electric engine(s) and batteries. It’s even got a powerful name that harkens back to the inventor of the electric lightbulb: Thomas Edison.

According to a new Motortrend report, the California startup EdisonFuture, has set their sights on cashing in on the EV pickup, or e-pickup craze, by launching their own F-150 inspired, full-size, light-duty electric truck of their own. Said to be powered by a range of motor and battery options, the battery pack offers up a 450-mile range and the tri-motor arrangementis able to produce 700 combined hp.

The truck is said to be so advanced that experts are wondering if the sudden appearance of this formidable e-pickup should have other e-pickup and hybrid truck builders nervous.

The Facts Behind EdisonFuture

Said to be a subsidiary of SPI Energy, EdisonFuture was once partnered with a company called Phoenix Motorcars. Apparently the group’s main objective was to retrofit medium duty combustion engine powered trucks manufactured by Ford to all electric power.

That said, you should not allow the truck’s resemblance to a Ford F-150 nor its steel wheels give you the impression that the new all electric truck is just another retrofit. Says the EdisonFuture VP, their new EF1-T pickup along with its counterpart, the EF1-V, have been “engineered from scratch.”

F-150 Inspired but Not Based

EdisonFutures engineers see the future of the e-pickup market in what they call the traditional half-ton capacity pickup.It’s for this reason, the EF1-T has been inspired by the most successful and bestselling pickup ever: the Ford F-150 (you can’t drive past a commercial jobsite without spotting two or five!).

But the new e-pickup is also said to contain proportions that mimic the new 2024 Chevrolet Silverado EV. More precisely, it contains a shorter “dash to axle” in the front, 6.5 or 8-foot storage bed, and a roomy four-door crew cab that can double as a mobile digital office on wheels.

The EF1-T’s headlamp details are said to be not unlike the Chevy e-pickup. The LED lights that form a “C-clamp look” is super reminiscent of the F-series. But keep in mind, the EF1-T is not a Ford. It is only inspired by the Ford and not entirely based on it.

Multiple Batteries

Marketing plans for EdisonFuture’s new truck will take a cue from the likes of the Hummer and Chevy EVs, which will range from offering rear-wheel-drive to dual- and tri-motor all-wheel-drive configurations. It will also come with your choice of battery pack size and capacity according to your budget and needs.

Presently, the single motor version of the e-pickup is said to do zero to 60 mph in 6.5 seconds. The two-motor version will be able to produce 600 hp that will accomplish zero to 60 in under five seconds. The three-motor version of the EF1-T will produce 700 hp and reach zero to 60 mph in under four seconds.

EdisonFuture also has two and four-wheel drive vans on the drawing board, both of which can do zero to 60 mph in about 6.5 seconds.

The motors in all the vehicles are “permanent-magnet.” Some might be clutched which will allow them to idle when not required during cruising. While there’s only sketchy info available on the battery sizes, the base model “fleet” truck can drive 300 miles before requiring a charge. The two-motor truck can go 380 mileswhile the top model will get you 450 miles.

While the DC“fast charge” system will power the battery up to 80 percent in just 25 minutes, the truck also comes with a solar roof that will derive energy from the sun to power up the batteries while driving or while turned off.


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