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5 Greatest NBA Championship Game Performances

Basketball is an essential part of the American sports scene, with icons throughout history growing up playing the elite sport. The NBA has long been essential viewing for fans and households, with many career-making moves throughout history happening during this competition. Of course, the standards are always getting higher for up-and-coming rookies, and they have bigger shoes to fill than ever before. However, it’s definitely worth taking a look into some of the players that helped create the National Basketball Association (NBA) into what it is today. Some championship game performances were the peak of players’ careers, while others were just getting started. One thing for certain is that the odds have never been higher. For more information, check out Fanduel’s NBA odds.

Tony Delk

Firstly, one who definitely helped make the NBA what it is today is Tony Delk. The player entered the NBA after college, but it wasn’t until January 2nd, 2001 that he achieved his best career season average. Delk scored an impressive 53 points and shot an even more impressive 20 for 27. Not only that, but he made 13 of 15 free throws from the field line without making a three-pointer. The way that Delk went on to coach future teams really reinforces his determination to change the basketball game and ensure that the standard continues to rise.

Wilt Chamberlain

Another monumental game for Wilt Chamberlain’s career was on February 24th, 1967. Securing a win for the 49ers over the Baltimore Bullets with an impressive 149-118 result, Chamberlain meant business. Not to mention the player’s impressive records within his basketball career. Chamberlain completed a 100 point game in 1962 with 55 rebounds. Amazingly, he then achieved a double -triple-double in 1968. 25 points, 22 rebounds, 21 assists, eight 40 points, and 40 rebound games are among some of many accomplishments that made this player’s position within the championship one for others to aspire towards.

Rick Barry

Widely considered one of the most underrated NBA players is Rick Barry. Barry had a career average of 25 points per game, was a 12-time all-star, and was named the 1975 finals MVP. However, his most impressive game was the one the year before. On March 26th, 1974, Barry scored 64 points and chipped in 10 rebounds. Not to mention gaining 9 assists for the Warriors, causing them to finish with a respectable gain of 143-120. Having played 70 games where he scored more than 40 points, Barry set the record for future players, as Wilt Chamberlain was the only other player to have 30 or more successful field goals in a game. Although one of the older players on the list, Barry is not one to be ignored when considering the moves he has made for basketball.

John Stockton

Another player who made the championship is John Stockton, who made history in 1988. Stockton scored 23 points, gave out 24 assists, and added 5 steals. An underdog of the NBA but an essential player nonetheless, Stockton went on to win during a square-off with Magic Johnson, the leader of the defending champions at the time, the Showtime Lakers. The NBA player was an essential part of bringing the Utah Jazz to the finals for two seasons, and his impressive height seemed all the more beneficial within the game.

Dana Barros

Having played basketball at Boston College, Barros started off as one of the school’s all-time leading scorers. The point guard wasted no time during his peak, beginning his first round of the NBA Draft shortly after finishing college. Known for being a great three-point shooter, Barros made an impressive performance during his game on March 14th, 1995. Playing for the 76ers, Barros scored 50 points against the Houston Rockets and even shot at 21 for 26 from the field. The player’s impressive career didn’t end there, he once scored 41 points, which included 7 three-pointers.

To summarize, history has outlined that the NBA is an essential part of American culture, displaying higher and higher standards for athleticism, sportsmanship, and self-discipline. Although basketball has long been a part of youth culture and is extremely popular among the young adults of the past as well as today, professional players continue to display their abilities to set records and maintain personal standards. Thanks to the media and modern technology, the NBA is so widely accessible that viewers from all around the world are able to tune into TV channels and watch the high-energy, tense playoff as it happens. Future players are beginning to make history and set their own record within their college games, and are paving the way for themselves and even later generations. The profoundly interesting cultural sport has been a source of betting for many years now, for more information check out the link above and be sure to check out rising stars within the NBA.


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