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why Dan Hurley going to the Lakers never really made sense

Reflecting on Dan Hurley’s weekend dalliance with the Los Angeles Lakers before reaffirming his commitment to Connecticut, one can’t help but find the entire narrative perplexing.

For the Lakers, purportedly a team in the championship hunt with LeBron James, appointing a college coach with no NBA experience seemed illogical.

Similarly, for Hurley, known for his intense coaching style, transitioning to the NBA with its grueling 82-game season and seasoned players appeared incongruous.

Moreover, the unfolding of events added another layer of confusion. Initially, insider reports suggested JJ Redick was the frontrunner, only for a competing narrative to emerge, spearheaded by someone intimately familiar with the Hurley basketball legacy.

In this intricate dance of speculations and announcements, it’s hard to discern who orchestrated the moves. Were we all merely pawns in a larger game?

While the purported Lakers-Hurley alliance appeared genuine, questions lingered about its feasibility. Was it ever a realistic prospect, especially considering Hurley’s vested interest in prolonging discussions for leverage?

On the night of UConn’s triumph, Hurley brushed off rumors linking him to Kentucky, inadvertently relinquishing potential bargaining power. Consequently, negotiations with UConn lacked urgency, devoid of any real threat to his departure.

The revelation that the Lakers were “zeroing in” on Redick created a conundrum. Casting doubts on the Lakers’ commitment to a thorough coaching search, it also strained ESPN’s NBA Finals coverage and challenged conventional coaching transitions.

Yet, the Lakers couldn’t have been both courting Redick and offering Hurley a lucrative deal simultaneously. Or could they?

Perhaps, amidst this orchestrated spectacle, Hurley emerged the ultimate victor. Leveraging the Lakers’ interest, he spurred UConn into action, securing an enhanced contract and bolstering his recruiting pitch.

Ultimately, the Lakers averted a risky coaching gamble, retaining their integrity while ESPN savored a headline coup. Hurley’s long-term NBA aspirations remain plausible, but for now, he belongs in the collegiate realm, where his coaching prowess flourishes.

In the intricate dance of sports negotiations, the truth may be elusive, but one thing remains clear: Dan Hurley’s place is in Storrs, a decision benefiting all parties involved, even if the journey left us all a bit perplexed.

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