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Digital tools that every startup needs

If you’re trying to pull off a startup, you need the right tools and technologies for the job. And modern startups work on digital tools. Starting from communicating to collaborating internally, to protecting assets, newborn entrepreneurs should know that there’s a digital or virtual platform or service provider for anything and everything. However, startup practices are driven by experienced and expertise which is fueled by plenty of networking potential, state-of-the-art tools, and intellectual freedom. 

With digital solutions, startups worldwide today can maintain smooth team collaboration, assure seamless business operations, and work remotely during the pandemic. However, there are numerous tools in the marketplace to select from. All you need to compare features, prices, and other possible aspects of every tool. Reviewing various LMS platforms comparison sites like kajabi vs teachable vs thinkific could help you purchase the best one for your organization. Thus, here is a list of digital tools required by every startup to kickstart the organization’s growth:

  1. Project management tool

A new startup will need assistance in keeping track of its various goals and projects. However, Email or other outdated ideas will not be optimal for this. So, if you need to get things done more efficiently as well as effectively, a project management tool is a must-have in your toolkit. Moreover, adopting a cloud-based project management tool could be your secret sauce in the long run. 

2. Website building tool

Having a website isn’t optional nowadays, it’s a must for every business be it local or international. It works as the front door of any store. A website expresses the legitimate image of the company and could be used to circulate information as a communication channel to your customers. Using a website builder tool will create a mobile-optimized, clean site that could be used to promote through integrated marketing tools. Therefore, a website builder makes design appealing, despite coding skills. 

3. CRM

Operating customers on the fly often leads to forgotten or lost leads or transforms repeat customers into ghosts. Therefore, to completely blend customer experience in a meaningful way, CRM or Customer Relationship Management software is a tool that enables businesses to use customer information to improve their campaign modules. They can bring all factors of the customer experience such as sales, marketing messaging, and customer service inclusively. It also allows you to log and track every aspect of every relationship you build and helps you stay organized internally. 

3. Workplace tool

Before you begin with the startup, you must use some workplace tools as well to take care of the simple yet essential tasks and schedules of the day. The work organization tool must-have aspects such as: 

  • Cloud storage to keep all official folders, documents, and files in one centralized place which could be accessible to remote workers as well. 
  • A professional email account to communicate with staff, customers, vendors, and other stakeholders. 
  • Productivity tools with a time tracker. 

4. Social media management tool

Not only do you need a website, but also an appearance on all significant social media platforms is highly required for the promotion of the startup which includes posting, being live, engaging with other users, giving giveaways, responding to customer feedback and questions, etc. Instead of spending the whole time checking your Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook pages, use a management tool to keep an eye on feeds, interact and engage, view analytics, and schedule posts, all from one dashboard only. 

5. Web conferencing tool

A video conferencing solution that allows multiple parties to join and collaborate is a must. Whether you need to have a productive meeting with prospective employees, clients, or consultants or correspond with a remote team. You can use a web conferencing or video/audio conferencing tool to fulfill all your communication needs. 

6. Others

There are many other tools required when launching a startup such as HR management software, accounting software, keyword search tools, virtual private network, and more, 



A startup that doesn’t have a range of digital tools to simplify and automate tasks, improve operations, and connect remote users will run behind its competitors. Therefore, it is extremely important to have these above-mentioned tools to manage your workforce. 


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