Buying Range Hoods: 5 Things You Should Consider

The kitchen is a very important part of every home as several tasks are being performed in this specific area. Thus, keeping its cleanliness and ventilation are some of the things that you want to maintain. There are lots of ways on how to make sure that those things are applied, and one of the best ways to do it is by having a range hood that you can rely on.

So, what are range hoods? This is a piece of kitchen equipment that acts as a filter support in a cooktop. It keeps the air clean as it expels toxic pollutants in your kitchen. You can find lots of them available in the market. However, there are things that you should consider before getting one. To give you an idea, here are five factors to watch out for:

  1. Size 

There are multiple types of range hoods, but the most usual and traditional kind you’ll see in most homes is an under cabinet range hood. Size is very specific when it comes to this variety since it should be equal to the cabinet where it is installed. The more it’s perfectly fit, the more it can trap odor, grease, and heat in your kitchen.

  1. Filters 

Since range hoods are used as a filtering support, their grease filters are an essential factor you should look out for when getting one. There are two types of filter: one is the mesh filter, and the other one is the baffle filter.

These two may seem to be doing the exact same purpose, but they are very different, not just physically, but in terms of functionality as well. Mesh filters are intended to trap more grease, while baffle filters are used for blocking the flames from spreading. Mesh filters are usually cheaper compared to baffle filters and it may require more regular cleaning.

  1. Ventilation

As mentioned earlier, range hoods are used to maintain proper ventilation in your kitchen. Now, the ventilation depends on what type of home you are living in. In order to acquire the right ventilation for your kitchen, make sure to always check your range hood’s filtration system.

  1. Mount 

There are certain types of range hoods, and when choosing one, consider the location of where it is supposed to be mounted. It could be mounted on a wall, under a cabinet, and some people may even prefer an island type range hood. To get the correct fit, don’t disregard this factor.

  1. Power 

Last but not least is the power. Of course, without this, your range hood won’t work. To get the perfect range hood that you need, identify the type of stove you have. Aside from that, consider that type of cooking that you’ll usually do in your kitchen. If you intend to use it in grilling and frying a food with a strong smell, you would need a professional level range hood. If you’ll use it for some basic cooking, then a regular range hood will do the job.

Final Words 

Although being less appreciated, range hoods play a vital role when it comes to keeping your kitchen area as safe and as clean as possible. Thus, considering the factors mentioned above is very essential in order to have a range hood that’s durable and well-performing.


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