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Delta 8 THC Is Less Strong

If you’ve had the chance to try Delta 8 THC you know how similar it is to Marijuana. However, the small differences make it a lot more enjoyable. This might leave you wondering about the benefits of Delta 8 THC; especially if you haven’t tried it yet. The benefits of using Delta 8 THC is that it produces a less potent high, and its legality; but, there are some people who benefit from it more than others.

If you’ve ever used Marijuana you know how strong it is; this is the reason why some people enjoy it but some people don’t. What many people are turning to is a product called Delta 8 THC. This is a distillate made from Hemp extracted THC – who’s double bond is in the 8th carbon instead of the 9th. This is how Delta 8 THC gets its name, from where the double bond in its chemistry is located. These small differences produce a different type of high that is less potent when compared to Marijuna.

You can still feel a similar high to Marijuana if you take enough of it. However, it’s still not the same because of its chemical structure. People have reported to have felt a more clear-headed type of high. Also, they were still able to function normally just with a slight head change. It’s often called “light-weed” by experienced THC users, although it’s not weed – it’s Hemp! Due to the fact that it’s made from Hemp, you’re able to feel the entourage effects brought on by Terpenes and other cannabinoids

Terpenes Used

What gives Delta 8 THC products its great flavors are the Terpenes used. The Terpenes are responsible for giving the Banana Candy Kush its banana flavor and Hybrid effects. It’s commonly known that when an active cannabinoid is mixed with other cannabinoids it produces an entourage effect. In other words, when the  Delta 8 THC (cannabinoid) is mixed with the Banana Kush flavor (Terpenes) it enhances the user’s experience. The term “enhances” refers to how the user enjoys the products.

Terpenes are typically added to Hemp and Marijuana products in order to improve the taste. These products normally have an Earthy – Natural taste that not many people enjoy. So, in order to enhance the users experience – Terpenes are added to improve the taste. This compliments not only the taste of the product but the strain it uses. We often use Terpenes that are associated with certain strains that promote uplifting properties, relaxation properties, or both.

Is Delta 8 THC Legal?

This is where it can get a little tricky because technically Delta 8 falls under The Farm Bill, but certain states still don’t allow it. Under The Farm Bill, any Hemp derived product must have less than 0.03% of Delta 9 THC. Since Delta 8 THC is a Hemp derived distillate it also has less than 0.03% of Delta 9 THC; although it can still get you high. Also, Delta 8 is still considered THC; it’s not Delta 9 – which is the type of THC produced in Marijuana. Most of the states that don’t allow Delta 8 THC usually don’t allow CBD either.

There is a lot of good news and rumors stating that Washington D.C. is considering declassifying Marijuana from being a Schedule I drug. This could open the door for Hemp derived products which include Delta 8 THC. We all agree that there needs to be some regulation, but if it gets declassified then we can start having that conversation. It might not be legal in your state yet but that could possibly change this year. Check out our – Where is Delta 8 THC Legal – blog to find out if it’s legal in your state. 

The People Who Benefit The Most From Delta 8 THC

Using CBD

If you’ve ever taken CBD you know how amazing it is. However, it’s non psychoactive which means it doesn’t get you high. Delta 8 THC on the other hand does get you high and CBD users love that. The reason why some CBD users don’t use Marijuana is because it’s either too strong for them or it gives them anxiety. 

Therefore, many CBD users like Delta 8 THC because it’s not as intense as Marijuana. Also, Delta 8 is less likely to trigger anxiety like Marijuana would because it’s less potent. If you’re transitioning from CBD to Delta 8 we suggest starting off small and go from there.

Marijuana Smokers

We know how much Marijuana users enjoy the THC. The one thing that many experienced Marijuana users realize is how strong weed has become. You might not have ever experienced anxiety or negative side effects from Marijuana but you might have started. The more advanced the technology gets the stronger the Marijuana becomes. 

If you enjoy getting high but don’t like how potent Marijuana has become then Delta 8 THC is for you. We suggest taking the recommended dosage if you have experience with THC and see how it makes you feel. You might need more than the average person but it’s less likely to trigger any negative side effects when compared to Marijuana.

No Experience

This is a number that we have seen increased from last year – first time Delta 8 THC users. Now that THC is no longer a taboo subject a lot more people are starting to venture into it. They might have tried weed once in college and didn’t like it or have stopped taking THC a long time ago. If you’re worried about how you would react to THC we recommend taking Delta 8 over Marijuana (Delta 9 THC). 

This is because it’s less potent than Marijuana and great for people looking to try THC or get back into it. We suggest taking less than the recommended dosages; Example: Chill Delta 8 THC Tincture recommended dosage is 50 ml (Half the dropper) we recommend taking 25 ml (A quartered of the dropper). Once you’ve built up your tolerance then we recommend taking more. Until then we recommend starting off small and gradually increasing your dosage as needed.

Final Thought

There are many benefits to taking Delta 8 THC from it being less potent than Marijuana to finding different benefits in its users. Although it might not still be legal in your state we are expecting things to change this year. When you start taking Delta 8 THC we recommend following the recommended dosage. This amount might change depending on your experience and tolerance but adjust as necessary. 


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