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Three Effective Ways to Improve the eCommerce Customer Experience

Internet retail has never been more competitive. As we increasingly move our lives online, we’re looking to patronize stores that accommodate this. As consumers, we want the flexibility, competitiveness, and choice afforded by the eCommerce sector, and businesses that don’t deliver this will inevitably fall behind.

There are 5,178 Shopify stores in Texas alone. That’s a big number, and it seems even more significant for local retailers looking to make the move online. We’re not going to lie, it’s a competitive market to break into – but not an impossible one.

Importantly, it’s about delivering a premier online experience that pleases customers and keeps them coming back for more. What you don’t want is for them to click onto your website and then click away again because they’re unimpressed.

So, how do you deliver a straightforward and seamless experience that earns you eCommerce transactions? Read on to find out.

Deliver an omnichannel customer experience

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Above, we shared three factors that appeal to modern-day eCommerce consumers: flexibility, competitiveness, and choice. You need to keep these at the forefront of everything you do, and one way to tick these boxes is by delivering an omnichannel customer experience. This means being present across all channels on the internet, from social media platforms to mobile commerce. If there’s a channel your customers can use to access your wares, make sure you’re on it. This way, potential purchasers can surf your website the way they want, tailoring your offerings to their preferences. It’s not enough to exist on various channels, however; you also need to be responsive, so look into incorporating live chat and automated replies on your website, social media pages, and so on. If you’re present and contactable in a way that suits customers, you’re already delivering a superior online experience.

Personalize the customer experience

On the note of preferences, look into ways you can personalize the customer experience. We live in an age where personalization is valued, and it’s no longer enough to segment emails or address the recipient by name. You need to expand this approach to everything you do, from making tailored recommendations based on location, shopping, and browsing history to targeting ads shown on Facebook toward the individual. Luckily, there are lots of aids to help, from recommendation engines to marketing tools on social media. Personalize your offering based on where the individual is at in the customer journey too. For example, if they’re leaving your website without buying, send them a discount code or some other incentive to win them back.

Install passwordless authentication

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On a slightly different note, you can also improve the eCommerce customer experience with passwordless authentication. Today’s consumers are highly safety conscious, but they’re fed up with overly complicated logins and the need to remember a dozen different passwords whenever they want to shop online. You can solve these issues by implementing passwordless technology for your online store. This might be replaced by biometric authentication methods instead, such as fingerprint scanning or facial recognition. However you choose to do it, you can make the login experience easy from start to finish without compromising security. That means no more exiting the checkout process at the last minute when it becomes overly complicated and tiresome.

Isn’t it time you used these tips to enhance the customer experience at your eCommerce store? By improving user interactions online, you not only make purchases more likely but earn goodwill in the longer term. This means that, if customers are considering buying a similar product in the future, they’ll be encouraged to shop with you again thanks to the positive first impression they’ve formed.

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