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Wilson Garcia shares story of wife Sonia Guzman showing courage in Texas shooting

Investigation underway for shooting suspect

Texas manhunt underway for 5 murder suspects


Man loses wife and 9-year-old son Mass shooting in Texas neighborhood He confided in the terrible incident and his wife’s bravery. At a rally on Sunday, Wilson Garcia told reporters about a suspect, Francisco Oropesa, who was shooting in his garden on Friday.

Garcia’s one-month-old son was crying, so he went to Oropesa and “politely” asked him to move farther away from home. After Oroplesa refused, Garcia’s family called the police five times for her, but before they could arrive, Oropesa ran to Garcia’s house.

“I said to my wife, ‘Come in. This man has loaded a weapon,'” Garcia told reporters. According to Associated Press. “My wife told me to go inside because she said, ‘He won’t shoot me, I’m a woman.'”

texas shooting incident
Mass shooting survivor Wilson Garcia speaks to the media after a memorial service for his son Daniel Enrique Laso Guzman April 30, 2023 in Cleveland, Texas. Garcia’s son and his wife were killed in a Friday night shooting.

David J. Phillip/AP

His wife Sonia Guzman died first. Four of her others – adults Diana Velázquez, Obduria Molina, Jonathan Caceres, 18, and Daniel Enriquelaso his Guzmán, 9, were also shot dead in the home.

After losing his wife and one of his children, Garcia said he was trying to build strength for his one-month-old and two-year-old daughters. “My daughter kind of understands. When her daughter starts asking for a mom or (her brother’s) brother, it’s very hard for her.”

Garcia said he escaped the shooting by jumping out a window.Suspect He fled the scene and is still on the run.“He could be anywhere now,” said San Jacinto County Sheriff Greg Capers.

“We are looking for closure for this family,” Capers said.

So far, investigators have recovered an AR-15 style rifle that Oropesa is believed to have used, but it is not known if he has another weapon. and clothing, but the scent was lost when the dog was tracked down.

https://www.cbsnews.com/news/texas-shooting-wilson-garcia-lost-son-daniel-wife-sonia-guzman/ Wilson Garcia shares story of wife Sonia Guzman showing courage in Texas shooting

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