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Will Vladimir Putin’s Empress pay the ultimate price for his wars in the West?

Alina Kabaeva could hardly imagine the life she had built. And now she will find it just as difficult to imagine what the future will be like.

Dubbed by some as the Empress of Russia, the 39-year-old is said to live in endless luxury and her position is secure. Putin with the male heir he so longed for.

Yet she can’t help but be ignorant of the fact that even at the very height of Russia’s kleptocracy, her life remains highly precarious. While her children play in a “golden mansion” in the forests of northern Russia between Moscow and St. Petersburg, they are protected by the Pantiri air defense system installed in a nearby village.

For better or worse, Kabaeva’s life is inextricably linked to that of Putin, the angry 70-year-old Russian president.

This week, the details of Kabaeva’s lavish existence were released to the world by independent anti-Putin investigative team Proekt, revealing the secret life of the couple and the wealth empire of the lavish £100 million amassed for former gold medalist Kabaeva. both were exposed. – The winning gymnast.

Early Years: Vladimir Putin and Alina Kabaeva (2004, before dating)

Glamor: Putin's mistress posed in fur for magazine cover the year she won the Olympics

Glamour: Putin’s mistress posed in fur for the cover of a magazine the year she won the Olympics.

Among the revelations is her own luxurious “wooden mansion” on 28-hectare woodlands in Valdai, 250 miles northwest of Moscow, and President Putin, along with many other VIP mansions, will also build a “royal mansion.” was revealed to be in possession of .

Putin sanctifies his private life. Moscow newspapers that first exposed Kabaeva’s relationship in 2008 and claimed the couple were engaged were shut down within hours.

The Russian leader was also outraged by Proekt’s revelations this week, reportedly swearing and yelling at officials at the FSB (the security agency that replaced the KGB), who blamed the leaks. accused of being.

He was also said to have had a violent altercation with Kabaeva this week, according to General SVR, an account on encrypted social media site Telegram. According to the channel, he said her friends were “talking around the corner about everything they know and don’t know.

“Putin said he has 100 percent information that the leak came from Kabaeva’s circle of friends,” the channel added. I didn’t.

“This was not far from having a heart attack or stroke.”

Such are the ups and downs of life for women who choose to share their lives with a tyrant.

Kabaeva took over the role from his former lover, cleaner-turned-billionaire Svetlana Krivonogik, now 47.

Krivonogif is now a shareholder in a major Russian bank and owns luxurious real estate in Monaco and St. Petersburg, where she runs the city’s “most elite” strip clubs.

Ultimately, Krivonogif failed to provide the male successor Putin so desperately wanted, and gave birth to only one girl in 2003, named Elisaveta.

Her relationship with Putin reportedly stalled around 2008.

Similarly, Putin’s ex-wife, former Aeroflot flight attendant and first lady Lyudmila Putina, 65, gave him only two daughters. And their strained marriage ended in divorce in 2014. I got

Above is the home of the Russian President in Varda.

The image above is the home of the Russian President in Varda.

However, the glamorous Kabaeva seems to have succeeded where others have failed.

Reports by Putin on how many children she has have varied, but it is at least two and at most four, possibly including a set of twins.

Proekt’s investigation claims to know the exact ages and names of her children, but has made the decision not to disclose them. But what is definitely clear is that at least one of them is her son and successor to Putin.

According to Proekt, her success as a mother has paid off with a £100million private property empire, including a Black Sea retreat in sea and ski resort Sochi, and about 20 mansions and apartments. .

And that’s before describing the many opulent palaces she and Putin live in together.

Kabaeva’s house is decorated in an extravagant and flashy style typical of the Russian elite: mahogany, marble, leather and lots of gold. With a snap of her fingers, she can summon a luxury Maybach limousine to tell her and her family entourage that her relationship with President Putin has proven to be lucrative. In fact, her grandmother, Anna Yakovlevna Zazepilina, has a real estate portfolio worth about £10 million and “could well be called the richest Babushka in all of Russia,” says Proekt. This is because Kabaeva’s relationship with Putin was officially denied from the beginning, and it’s still been 15 years.

Are they secretly married? It’s been suggested that they tied the knot in an Orthodox ceremony, but no one knows for sure.The camera crew confirmed that she wore a ring on her wedding finger in February 2014. I found you.

Despite the many layers of mystery, Kabaeva has revealed occasional glimpses of emotion over the years.

She revealed in 2013 that she had met a man she “loves very much”.

That fear, perhaps mixed with love, must permeate every aspect of their lives.

Does the tyrant have a hidden emotional hinterland? It’s widely known that he was cold to his wife of 30 years.

And what kind of father should he be to their children? A self-proclaimed Russian historian, he probably knows the ancestors who stand in the way of Russia’s dark history.

For example, Joseph Stalin famously refused to negotiate the release of his son Yakov, who was captured by the Nazis. He let him die in the Sachsenhausen concentration camp.

And, of course, there is the father of all Russian tyrants, Ivan the Terrible, the hero of Putin, who in a rage killed his own son.

Although their personal relationship is still believed to be kept secret, Kabaeva publicly supported Putin and served as a member of his party in the Russian parliament from 2007 to 2014.

In 2018, she was photographed wearing a dress that seemed to acknowledge her private role.

The front was adorned with the two-headed imperial eagle, the sacred emblem of Russia, and three crowns.

This bird was holding in its claws the scepter and sphere that the Russian tsar carried at his coronation.

Her full-length white dress was also engraved with Saint George, the patron saint of Moscow.

Several times in recent times, he has been seen wearing a “Z” brooch, a symbol in support of Putin’s bloody military campaigns, and has been used by both Ukrainians and his “cannon fodder” Russian military. This is “a fight for our country,” she said of the war.

Alina Kabaeva was Russia’s most eligible woman when she and Putin first had an affair in 2008. In her early twenties, she was something of an icon in her sport, winning the 2004 Athens Olympics and winning a gold medal in rhythmic gymnastics.

Despite being banned for doping for a year, she remains a legend in the field, inventing tricks that are still used today.

Star: Kabaeva excelled in gymnastics as she became a gold medal-winning gymnast

Star: Kabaeva excelled in gymnastics as she became a gold medal-winning gymnast

The year she won the gold medal, she posed for the Russian edition of Maxim, a men’s magazine, save for a few strategically placed furs.

A photographer described her as “full of sex.” Since then, she has not publicly had a relationship with a partner other than Putin. Now she ostensibly runs the giant television and news network National Media Group, which is in slavery to President Putin. However, some have suggested that Putin’s “empress” is becoming increasingly anxious about the future.

She and her children may live in a “golden mansion” decorated by order of President Putin, much like the Romanovs’ palace, once the royal family of Russia. The £12.5m Sochi penthouse, with its own helipad and cinema, has been described as “Russia’s brightest diamond” in a Proekt report. [a] real estate necklace

She could also enjoy immense wealth, with President Putin allegedly funding her luxurious lifestyle through a secret Cypriot bank account.

But in reality, as much as Putin’s health and mental state, the war casts great uncertainty about what will happen next. She must then consider how that fate will affect her and her children.

She knows better than anyone whether rumors about Putin (cancer, Parkinson’s disease, schizoaffective disorder) are fact or fiction.

Despite being proud of his image, he’s clearly not in great shape. It is often said that he lost his “mental balance” during the COVID-19 crisis.

But even if he was physically and mentally healthy — even some of his former aides strongly doubt it — if the wheel came off and he was knocked over, this young family would What will happen?

There are tales of “Operation Noah’s Ark” that see Putin and his loved ones defected to a bulwark in Venezuela or the Central African Republic or perhaps a bolthole in the steppes of Central Asia.

An almost inviting prospect.

Suppose during a coup, instead of turning over power to the Loyalists, Putin launched an investigation into their vast wealth empire and foreign bank accounts. Then what?

trial? Jail? Perhaps even a war crimes prosecution for Putin, and perhaps even for her, based on her role as a media mogul who supports a corrupt regime?

Many believe Kabaeva had hoped to see through the current crisis in Switzerland, but was ordered to return home as the net of sanctions closed.

She may now ponder the fate of Mikhail Gorbachev’s wife, Raisa Gorbacheva.

In fact, Putin’s own memories of how Raisa was hated may help explain his adamant refusal to put Kabaeva and her children in the spotlight.

Kabaeva’s love for symbols of the imperial era may also lead her to think about the tragedy of Alexandra, the last Empress of Russia. She was only a few years older than the former gymnast when she was shot dead in a firing squad that also killed her five children and her husband Nicholas II.

For Crown Prince Alexandra, it would have been impossible to imagine a reversal of fortune, moving from an incomparably luxurious royal palace to a dungeon on the other side of the Urals.

Perhaps so too for Alina Kabaeva, the unrecognized current Empress of Russia.

With war raging in Ukraine, danger must seem closer and closer to the sacred sanctuary she shares with her children. I’m sure you’re letting me.

https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11818711/Will-Vladimir-Putins-empress-pay-ultimate-price-war-West.html?ns_mchannel=rss&ns_campaign=1490&ito=1490 Will Vladimir Putin’s Empress pay the ultimate price for his wars in the West?

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