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Who’s running for president in 2024, who’s not, and who to watch

Ron DeSantis

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis said
Florida Governor Ron DeSantis delivers his “State of the State” speech at the Florida State Capitol in Tallahassee, Florida, on March 7, 2023.

CHENEY ORR/AFP via Getty Images

Although he has not formally announced a presidential run, the governor of Florida is seen as Trump’s biggest rival. 19 Recognized nationally for its acceptance of policy and culture wars.

DeSantis is also passionate about education, reshaping public education policy in Florida and campaigning for her local school board during the 2022 election. His efforts as governor won him popularity among Republican voters. I plan to stop by and promote his new book.

DeSantis skipped CPAC this year and instead addressed to the donor At a retreat hosted by the conservative Club for Growth.

Mike Pence

Former Vice President Mike Pence speaking at the Calvin Coolidge Foundation conference at the Library of Congress in Washington, DC, February 16, 2023
Former Vice President Mike Pence speaking at the Calvin Coolidge Foundation conference at the Library of Congress in Washington, DC, February 16, 2023

Getty Images

The former vice president and governor of Indiana has suggested he is considering a presidential run and said he expects to make a decision about his political future by the spring. It suggests that Republicans think they should move on from Trump.

“I think I will be the new leader in this party and in this country,” he said. told CBS News in January.

i have pence refused to commit Instead of endorsing Trump if he is the Republican nominee, he believes Republican voters will choose “wisely again” in 2024, believing that “times have changed and require different leadership.” ing.

Pence has pushed the policies of the Trump administration, criticized In November, Trump’s words were “reckless” and endangered him and his family while he was in the Capitol for the Joint Congress.

Tim Scott

Senator Tim Scott Delivers Remarks to Charleston County Republicans Marking Black History Month
FILE: Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) speaks at the Charleston County Republican Black History Month Gala on February 16, 2023 in Charleston, SC.

Winn McNamee/Getty Images

South Carolina Senator Tim Scott officially launch He set up a preliminary committee for the April 2024 presidential election and declared in a video that he would “never back down from defending the conservative values ​​that make America exceptional.” “

He bets on the charm of his bright vision for the country. “America seems to be hungry for positive, optimistic leadership,” Scott told CBS News political correspondent Huey Barnes.Tim Scott refuses to say whether he’ll endorse Trump as the 2024 Republican presidential nominee After announcing the launch of this review committee. “We want to offer that choice to the American people, not to any particular candidate.”

“I think what separates me from other people is that I’m focused on the fact that I was a kid who didn’t see the future,” Scott continued. I was an angry child, I was blessed with a mother who never gave up, I was blessed with mentors who always loved and supported me as I was, and I owe it all to these two people.” And we believe it is our responsibility to share the good news of who we can be because we were. If I can unite the nation. Focus on those solutions above all else., that is the only way forward for me, the path I have chosen. ”

In an interview with Huey Burns, he also twice declined to promise to support Trump if the former president wins the Republican nomination.

Scott, the Republican’s only black senator, is visiting early voting states. He hired former Republican Senator Cory Gardner and a longtime Republican operative to head his super PAC Opportunity Matters. According to Axios.

Chris Sununu

Featuring Governor Chris Sununu
Governor Chris Sununu will appear on “Face the Nation” on Sunday, February 12, 2023.

CBS news

New Hampshire Governor Sununu did not hesitate to criticize Trump and gave voters a preview of his pitch. “Face the Nation” Interview Last month, he promoted a “New Hampshire model” of leadership.

Sununu said the American public was “fed up with extreme candidates” and was stuck in a partisan deadlock.

2021, Sununu decided to see off The Senate chose to challenge Democratic first-term Maggie Hassan and instead seek a fourth term as governor, which he won in November.

https://www.cbsnews.com/live-updates/running-for-president-2024-candidates-donald-trump-joe-biden-ron-desantis-nikki-haley/ Who’s running for president in 2024, who’s not, and who to watch

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