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Where is the Best Place for Texans to Form an LLC

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About three billion small businesses and four million employees are now thriving in Texas. It made an impressive rebound after weathering the stormy business climate. Now, more companies are moving and eyeing Texas as another domicile of choice. As such, it is unsurprising that Texas is seeing a growing number of corporations and Limited Liability Companies (LLCs).

Texas: A Home to LLCs

Having the ninth largest economy globally, Texas maintains a robust market environment. Over the past decade, it has led the US in business formation and job creation. Its favorable laws and tax climate and access to global markets continue to spur growth. Indeed, it is no surprise that CEOs hail Texas as the best state for businesses.

Since 2016, business applications in Texas have increased in general. It has shown a high propensity for business applications. On average, it has 400,000 applications annually, driven by its stable market growth. While corporations comprise 8% of business applications, LLCs remain widespread in the state.

Texas continues to spur growth after emerging relatively unscathed in the previous year. As of October this year, there were already 413,587 business applications. It has already far exceeded the pre-pandemic level, showing its full recovery. Now, it offers more enticing growth prospects in 2022 as the economy reopens further.

Top Three Texan Cities for Forming LLCs

When searching the best LLC states on Google, Wyoming vs Delaware LLC often appears first. It is not surprising at all since Delaware remains a domicile for many LLCs. IPOs are common with the presence of the majority of Fortune 500 companies. But, Texas appears to be a giant that many business owners have failed to notice before.

Well, it is reasonable since filing costs are pretty expensive. Whether an LLC or a corporation, you will have to pay $300. Foreign LLCs pay an overwhelming amount of $750. But, it makes up for ease of application as approval only takes three days at the most. Also, it does not charge any amount for annual filings and state income taxes.

Now, many businesses, mainly from California and Maryland, are transferring to Texas. Among these are Oracle, HP, 8VC, and Tesla, further driving its swift rebound. Thanks to its low corporate tax of 21%, contributing to 5-7% income growth. With its robust growth and attractive potential, here are the best cities to build your LLC.


It is easy to understand why Austin remains one of the best cities in the business world. Austin leads in terms of labor creation and robust growth company density. Its unemployment rate dropped from 4.2% in July to 3.8% in August. This became the lowest unemployment level since the pandemic started.

Found in the center of the Texas Triangle, the state’s economic powerhouse. Given this, businesses here have easy access to many advantages that Texas provides. With its $1.9-billion investment in startups, it cushioned the pandemic impact. Now, Austin rises as a hub for a diverse scope of startups geared towards full recovery.

It can brag about its conducive business environment for transferring businesses. It is no wonder that it ranked 14th in the Fastest Growing Cities in the US. Hence, even a giant like Oracle moved to Austin. With more investors coming, businesses of any size will reap the rewards soon.


Dallas is also a part of the Texas Triangle, making it one of the busiest cities in the state. What makes it different is its incentives to help companies maximize their potential. Some examples include tax exemptions, renewable energy incentives, and job training. It also provides fiscal stimulus, helping more businesses during a crisis.

Dallas is popular for the oil and cotton industries and its central location. But, it expanded to become a tech hub and financial services center in Texas. Given this, it has become the Financial Hub of Texas. Despite this, taxes remain low, attracting giants like JP Morgan Chase and Toyota.


The city of Houston is also a part of the Texas Triangle, making it another business powerhouse. Earlier in 2021, Houston has accommodated other large companies. Now, it is home to 24 Fortune 500 headquarters. As such, it fits smaller LLCs to create a network with larger businesses and investors.

Despite being a major city, its cost of living remains below the US average. As such, it can help LLCs to save more while producing more output. LLCs can even recruit great talents without spending much. It also invests in quality infrastructure and transportation systems, education, and the environment.

Now, Houston is on its way to a complete rebound, given its unemployment rate of 4.9% in August. It continues to move downward as businesses open. Companies, such as HP and Amazon, also moved to Houston. The latter has already invested $10 billion since 2010 and has chosen Houston a few years ago.

Texas is Not for Online Businesses

Despite everything that Texas can offer, it is not conducive for online LLCs. Even if you rank it by region, Texas will not be on the list. But, we have provided some top states for online LLCs below.


Delaware does not levy taxes on income earned from other states. Its filing costs and franchise taxes are also low. More so, its Chancery Court System settles its disputes.


Nevada does not levy taxes on inheritance, business income, and capital gains. Moreso, it does not require franchise taxes, operating agreements, and annual meetings. Lastly, it does not share information with the IRS, protecting the privacy of owners.


Wyoming is one of the states without state taxes. Also, the state allows proxies to vote on the owners’ behalf.

So, from the points mentioned above, you can surmise that Texas is a state where your business can thrive. Whether you choose to settle your business in Austin, Dallas, or Houston, you know you will find growth here.

But, if you are not from the US or your business is all done online, then your best bet in forming an LLC is not in the state. You will fare better in Delaware, Nevada, or Wyoming instead. Be one of the business owners taking advantage of the favorable tax laws in these states.


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