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Weather in DFW: More storms likely, 100-degree heat

Severe storms are also expected on Thursday. Triple-digit heat will soon follow.

Dallas —

New: Issue Tornado Watch

Tornado Watch was issued throughout the metropolitan area and most of North Texas. One or two isolated tornadoes cannot be ruled out, but very large hail is the main risk in most thunderstorms.

A quick fact:

  • More storms expected Thursday afternoon and evening. Some tough.
  • Storms with very large hail and damaging winds are the biggest concern
  • Triple-digit heat expected for late weekend

here we go again. Wednesday marked the fifth day of reports of severe hail across northern Texas, and the disruption is expected to return on Thursday.

Mostly north texas (including DFW) Increased risk due to severe weather (Level 3). Areas along the Red River are at moderate risk (Level 4) and extend to Oklahoma.

After a day of intense heating and very high humidity, more thunderstorms are expected in the afternoon and evening as the perimeter around the area is lifted slightly. Storms, as in the last few days, will likely bring very large hail and damage to the winds.

Another boundary we are looking at is the dry line to the west. This helps soften afternoon thunderstorms. North Texas storms will occur between 4:00 PM and 9:00 PM.

Expand heat advisory

Heat advisories are in place for Dallas and Tarrant counties and areas south through at least Friday night. This particular event expires Friday night, but another heat advisory will likely extend into the weekend.

The heat index is expected to reach as high as 112 degrees.

Yes, it’s going to be very hot and humid, and will continue through the weekend and most of next week. This means not only days with temperatures of 100 degrees Celsius, but also many areas with a heat index of 110 or higher.

Don’t forget to take proper breaks and stay hydrated!

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