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WCSO asks DA to seek death penalty for accused killer of Athena Strand

Murder suspect Tanner Horner is under heavy surveillance at the Wise County Jail, and investigators are working on a high-profile case against him.

Wise County, Texas — The sheriff in charge of the Athena Strand murder said Wednesday that she will ask district attorneys to seek the death penalty for the accused kidnapper and murderer.

Investigators keep information The murder of 7-year-old Athena Strand Close to their best. But there are some new details about Athena’s murder suspect behind bars at the Wise County Law Enforcement Center.

“He’s alone in a cell,” said Wise County Sheriff Lane Aiken. “I can’t make my reservation in time.”

Akin said he has his deputy monitoring suspected killer Tanner Horner. He expects the 31-year-old case to be turned over to the district attorney by next week .

Aiken also said he still has information from the public that his investigators are following up to file a full lawsuit against Horner.

“Because of his age and his abduction, we [ask the district attorney to] We will pursue the death penalty,” Aiken said.

Horner’s bail was set at $1.5 million at a hearing in prison after his arrest.

In the video, investigators focused on Horner, who was a contract driver for Fed Ex. The sheriff confessed to kidnapping Athena while delivering Christmas packages to her home and then murdering her.

Since authorities released the news of her death, there have been many residents and communities honoring Athena. He said he was.

Sheriff Lane Aiken said, “In time, we believe the county will return to normal. Athena, we will always remember.”

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After speaking publicly for the first time at a candlelight rally, Athena’s mother plans to go public this week with the family’s lawyer. occurs in

“Paradise is the community 7.5 miles away,” said Eakins. “Paradise, that paradise like this world is broken. But that marquee says rest in peace in paradise. So she exchanged the broken paradise for a perfect one.”

Akin said he credits his law enforcement partners, including agents with the Texas Rangers and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, as well as the agents who work tirelessly on the Athena case. With their help, the search and investigation of the Athena Strand situation was quickly resolved.

https://www.wfaa.com/article/news/local/wise-county-sheriff-punishment-death-penalty-will-seek-for-accused-killer-of-7-year-old-athena-strand/287-7bd6cc2c-152e-422e-aa2b-f7a48d6d0703 WCSO asks DA to seek death penalty for accused killer of Athena Strand

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