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Water pressure drop, notice of boiling for some guests of Manor

MANOR, Texas (KXAN) – A boiling water notice was issued for some residents of Manor on Friday morning, according to the City of Cottonwood Creek Public Works District (MUD).

Officials said precautionary boiling water notifications were necessary due to low water pressure. They said the low water pressure was a result of extreme drought conditions and supply problems from the district’s wholesale water suppliers.

“To ensure that all harmful bacteria and other microorganisms are destroyed, drinking, cooking and ice-making water must be boiled and cooled before being used for drinking or human consumption.

Customers also have the option of purchasing bottled water instead of boiling water.

extreme drout conditions

Cottonwood Creek’s customers aren’t the only ones dealing with water problems from extreme drought. A boiling water notice went into effect for some residents on Thursday. Western Travis County.

again, Dripping Springs Announces Thursday They entered Stage 5 water restriction, which means water is restricted to emergency water only.

https://www.kxan.com/news/local/manor/low-water-pressure-boil-notice-for-some-manor-customers/ Water pressure drop, notice of boiling for some guests of Manor

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