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Virginia Walmart shooting survivors file $50 million lawsuit

NOROLK, VA. – Surviving Walmart employee last week’s shooting Virginia store files $50 million lawsuit against company for allegedly continuing to employ gunman (store supervisor) who “knew tended to commit violence, intimidation and bizarre behavior” caused

The lawsuit, believed to be the first lawsuit resulting from the shooting, was filed in Chesapeake Circuit Court on Tuesday by Donya Prioleau.

In a statement, Bentonville, Arkansas-based Walmart said it was reviewing the complaint and would respond “in court if necessary.”

“The entire Walmart family is heartbroken for the loss of a valued member of our team.” We are focused on supporting all employees with important resources, including counseling. I’m putting ”

Prilow’s lawsuit alleges that she experienced post-traumatic stress disorder, which included physical and emotional distress, from what she witnessed. On November 22nd, a rampage in the store break roomHer lawsuit provides up-to-date details of the gruesome attack and a long list of troubling signs displayed by the shooter she claims managers failed to address.

“The bullet grazed plaintiff Doña Priorau’s face and left side and narrowly missed,” the lawsuit states. “She witnessed several of her colleagues being brutally murdered on both sides of her.”

The lawsuit adds: Prioror looked one of his colleagues in the eye shortly after he was shot in the neck. Mr. Priorau had a gunshot wound to his colleague’s neck, blood gushing from it and a shocked look on his colleague’s helpless face. ”

Store Supervisor André Bing31, fatally shot 6 employees Police said he injured several others before dying in an apparently self-inflicted shooting.

The lawsuit alleges that Bing “had a personal vendetta against several Walmart employees and maintained a ‘kill list’ of potential targets prior to the shooting.”

The list references “Death Note” It was spotted on Bing’s phone and released Friday by authorities. The note appeared to contain specific references to people he worked with, but officials redacted their names.

Bing was a team leader working at Walmart since 2010. He was responsible for managing an overnight stocking crew, including his Prioreau, who started work in May 2021.

The lawsuit alleges that management knew or should have known about Bing’s obnoxious behavior and cited several instances of alarming conduct.

“Before the shooting, Mr. Bing repeatedly asked his colleagues whether they had received firearms training,” the complaint reads. “When his colleague replied that he had, Mr. Bing said nothing and just smiled and walked away.”

According to the complaint, Bing “made comments to other Walmart employees and managers that suggested they would be violent if fired or disciplined,” and that Bing “resulted in a shooting.” “His violent outbursts were predictable as he had been reprimanded for up to 20 years.”

In another instance, Bing told a colleague, “He just ran into a turtle with a lawnmower and saw its (innards) splatter, and it made him hungry and reminded him of ramen.”

Bing had previously been reprimanded for bad behavior and employee harassment, but Walmart “continued to hire him anyway,” the lawsuit says.

In court filings, Prillow says she and her mother attempted to file a lawsuit against Bing.

Prioleau filed a formal complaint on the Walmart Global Ethics Statement Form stating that Bing “made bizarre and inappropriate comments about Mr. Prioleau’s age,” the lawsuit said.

The lawsuit alleges that Bing told her: Shouldn’t you have children? ”

Prilow also accused Bing of harassing her because she was “poor and short,” according to the lawsuit.

She also said she notified Walmart that Bing called her a “bitch,” according to the complaint.

In September, Priorou’s mother expressed concerns about her daughter’s safety to a Walmart manager.

According to the lawsuit, the manager said, “There was nothing we could do about Mr. Bing because management liked him.”

Before the shooting, Bing told colleagues that “the government was watching him,” the complaint says. “He had black tape over his phone camera so no one could spy on him.”

In a note left on the phone, Bing claimed to have been harassed and said he was pushed to the brink by the perception that his phone had been hacked. did.

Bing’s Death Note ramblings across 11 paragraphs, alluding to non-traditional cancer treatments and songwriting. He says people unfairly compared him to serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer.

Walmart employee Jessica Wilczewski, who witnessed the shooting, said: Last week, Bing told the Associated Press that it appeared to be targeting specific people..

“His behavior was that he was out hunting,” she said.

Note to Employee on TuesdayWalmart president and CEO John Farner wrote that those killed were “a wonderful and irreplaceable member of our family.”

“The Walmart Foundation will also donate $1 million to the Southampton Roads United Way Hope and Healing Fund, which will help those affected by the shooting and the wider Chesapeake community. ,” wrote Farner.

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https://www.ksat.com/business/2022/11/29/survivor-of-virginia-walmart-mass-shooting-files-50m-suit/ Virginia Walmart shooting survivors file $50 million lawsuit

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