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Video shows winding tracks in Ohio repaired

A video shared after the derailment in East Palestine shows a train traveling on Ohio’s “serpentine” tracks. The video is from 2017 and the track has been restored.

After 38 vehicles, including vehicles carrying toxic chemicals, Derailed in East Palestine, Ohioin early February, rail safety and infrastructure was a top priority for many.

viral video shared upon socializing media Days after the derailment in East Palestine, a freight train claims to be moving on Ohio’s “twisting” tracks.

“It’s honestly a miracle that a train carrying something so dangerous gets through Ohio unscathed,” one person wrote in a tweet. “This is America’s infrastructure.”

VERIFY reader Ian L. asked if the videos being shared on social media are genuine.


Does the viral video show actual crooked train tracks in Ohio?

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Yes, the viral video shows actual crooked train tracks in Ohio.

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The viral video shows an actual crooked railroad track in Ohio, but was first posted almost six years ago and has since undergone repairs.

Scott Tipailoriginally shot railroad video in northwest Ohio and eastern Indiana. Posted a video on YouTube March 31, 2017. Taipale noted in the description that parts of the video were sped up during editing, writing that “his six minutes of a train crawling on tracks was condensed into about 52 seconds.”

According to the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA), the tracks shown in the video are located along the Napoleon, Defiance and Western (ND&W) Railroad in Defiance, Ohio.

The railroad runs 58.2 miles from Woodburn, Indiana to Liberty Center, Ohio to the railroad’s owner, Patriot Rail. on that website it says.

A Patriot Rail spokesperson confirmed that the tracks shown in the viral video were on ND&W railroads, but since the video was first posted in 2017, it has said it has “improved conditions.” There has been considerable investment in railway lines in the past.

Patriot Rail shared this side-by-side image of the track before and after repairs.

Wende Jordan, director of public affairs for the Ohio Railroad Development Commission, also said the railroad was “rehabilitated.”

“The old video clip rails have been improved as part of 2020. Connected Rail Infrastructure and Improving Safety (CRISI) The project was completed last year,” Jourdan said in an email.

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