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VIA driver calls for low settlement offer after colleague sweeps vehicle at bus stop

San Antonio – VIA Metropolitan Transit bus driver Andrew Perez received a distressing call over the radio last November while en route at night.

His 2019 Nissan Sentra skidded at VIA’s San Pedro Avenue bus stop.

Surveillance footage obtained by KSAT Investigates shows the wheelbarrow veered off course while maintenance personnel were pushing the bus, causing the cart to crash into the rear of Perez’s vacant car.

Photos show the damage Perez’s car suffered after a wheelbarrow crash last November. (KSAT)

The car was badly damaged and 23-year-old Perez embarked on an almost year-long adventure to seek compensation from VIA for the accident.

“It really breaks my heart to know that the company I love, work for, and was there for can’t even be there for me,” Perez said. vehicle, property of VIA, employee of VIA, and when I said ‘VIA’ in all three scenarios, I was told that VIA was not responsible.”

He said he was eventually handed over to the company’s risk management department.

Perez said he spent $3,000 on a rental car for two and a half months while he waited for replacement parts for the wrecked car.

He also said he had to cover a $500 insurance deductible before any work was done on his car.

Perez added that his monthly premium also went up because he had to report the accident to his insurance company.

Andrew Perez addresses the VIA Board of Directors at the September 27 meeting. (KSAT)

At a VIA board meeting in late September, Perez accused the company’s management of failing to resolve the matter in a timely manner.

“I thought I would be calm and taken care of. ‘My company will take care of me,'” Perez said in an emotionally stabbing remark in front of the VIA board of directors. “I have been yelled at, spit on, and nearly assaulted. have shown their loyalty.”

Eight days later, Perez receives a letter from a VIA Risk Management Claims Analyst offering to settle his claim for $600. This diagram represents his 24-day rental car at $25 per day.

KSAT Investigates was unable to find a car rental in San Antonio for a 23-year-old driver for $25 a day. The settlement offer also doesn’t cover the period Perez said he didn’t have a car, nor does it mention the insurance deductible he had to pay.

“I’m definitely not going to accept your $600. It’s the rental fee, the deductible, and that’s what I need,” Perez said.

VIA officials declined requests for interviews regarding this article and said in an email earlier this month that they are working directly with Perez to address his concerns.

“Our understanding of the situation is that following the incident last November, the Risk Management Office requested relevant documents from Mr. Perez. The offer to resolve Mr. Perez’s complaint has been extended to Oct. 5. It is being discussed.At this time, there are no further details.

VIA officials have not disclosed whether the mechanic who hit Perez’s car was disciplined for the accident.

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https://www.ksat.com/news/ksat-investigates/2022/10/31/via-driver-calls-out-lowball-settlement-offer-after-co-worker-wipes-out-vehicle-in-bus-lot/ VIA driver calls for low settlement offer after colleague sweeps vehicle at bus stop

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