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US lawmakers in Texas move to protect access to abortion drugs

The law also preempts state laws that seek to ban or restrict access to mifepristone.

HOUSTON — With the future of the abortion drug mifepristone in court, Texas-based US lawmakers are seeking legal solutions.

Congressman Lizzie Fletcher Reproductive Freedom Act Protect access to mifepristone.

Houston Democrats say the effort to nullify abortion pills is part of an ongoing effort to take away freedom and the right of women to make their own decisions.

“We’re talking about drugs that are safe and effective. I mean, this makes it harder for women to access the health care they need. And let’s not forget, this is miscarriage.” It’s an important drug for women,” Fletcher said. Inside Texas Politics.

A federal judge in Texas has completely annulled the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) approval of the abortion drug mifepristone. It was first approved over 20 years ago.

This puts access to the pill, which is used in more than half of all abortions in the country, at serious risk.

Judge Matthew Kacsmaryk also ruled that shipping abortion pills may violate a 150-year-old law known as the Comstock Act, which prohibits the mailing of drugs or medicines intended for abortion. .

After the appeals court upheld key parts of the ruling, the Justice Department sought urgent relief from the U.S. Supreme Court.

And just before nationwide access to mifepristone was blocked last week, Judge Samuel Alito issued an administrative sanction until Wednesday, April 19. They are also called upon to expedite matters.

Congressman Fletcher’s legislation reaffirms that the FDA has properly approved mifepristone. Additionally, the bill preempts state laws that seek to prohibit or restrict access to abortion drugs.

“While the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals suspension offers some immediate relief, it actually strengthens some dubious legal arguments and undermines drug approval at the FDA that causes confusion across the board. and, of course, restricting access to mifepristone to Americans who need it,” Fletcher said.

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