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US Army Air Force grounded after fatal accident

The U.S. Army on Friday announced it would ground its air force until it receives further training.

In a statement, the Army said all Army aviators were on the ground “except those on critical missions.”

The move comes after two helicopters collided in Alaska earlier this week, killing three soldiers and injuring a fourth.

In March, two Army Black Hawk medical evacuation helicopters crashed during a nighttime exercise in Kentucky, killing nine soldiers.

The Associated Press reports that all training will take place during May.

Army Chief of Staff James McConville said, “The safety of our aviators is our number one priority and this outage is critical to ensuring that everything possible is done to prevent accidents and protect personnel. It’s a step.”

https://www.voanews.com/a/us-army-aviation-units-grounded-after-fatal-accidents/7071500.html US Army Air Force grounded after fatal accident

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