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Untranssexual Navy SEAL Warns Parents About Dangers of Transsexual Surgery – One America News Network

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Mr. Oan Brooke Mallory
3:15pm – Sunday, June 4, 2023

Retired Navy SEALs now oppose allowing minors to undergo puberty blockers or undergo gender reassignment surgery, also known as “gender reassignment care,” citing the potential impact on children’s choices. Parents are advised to consider all information carefully before making any decision. live forever.


According to transsexual Chris Beck, formerly known as Kristen Beck, important facts about gender dysphoria are not being fully discussed.

“So I was taking mental health counseling for my graduate degree at the university where I live here, so I was learning all the procedures and learning all about human development from birth to age 25. You ‘s brains are still developing, so the problem is, when you’re taking these courses, they’re just coaching you and coaching you on what to say to your parents, and they’re just giving you all the data. It doesn’t show,” he said. “So one of the biggest data they are currently missing is that 80% of children experiencing gender dysphoria or gender confusion before and during puberty are corrected. [They] By the end of puberty, all gender confusion will be resolved. 80%! ”

According to Beck, pubertal blockers are another irreversible step that can affect a minor’s future fertility.

“If a child takes a puberty blocker when they are 13, 14, 15, they are chemically castrated. has not been given,” he told host Joey Jones. “I mean, 8 out of 10 people want to go back to being a normal old man, but they can’t.”

Beck, who came out as transgender in a 2013 interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper, said in a December 2022 interview with blogger Robbie Starbuck, “Every face I see on CNN I can’t even believe I’m transgender,” he said, expressing deep regret over his past decisions. Words of it. “

“Everything that happened to me in the last 10 years destroyed my life. My life was ruined by me. I’m not a victim. I helped myself but This is what I gave myself.”

On “Fox News Tonight,” he is speaking out now to let parents know what could happen to their children if they undergo “gender reassignment surgery” or puberty-blocking drugs. claimed.

“Leave these kids alone. They’re castrating them. They’re doing double mastectomies. They’re hurting the kids. Eight out of ten.” , 80% of the kids have been studied, they’ve been massively studied, 80% of the kids aren’t transgender, 80% of those kids are just confused,” he said. claimed.

“Parents, please wake up.

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