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Unidentified dead woman at center of new Interpol operation

Twenty-two women died, mostly violently. Her dismembered body was found in Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands over a period of 43 years, most recently in 2019.

However, it is unknown who they are, which frustrates detectives looking for the killer.

Police hope Wednesday’s launch may change operation identification meAn international appeal with Interpol seeks public support for naming women. disappears.woman with flower tattoo” and “woman with artificial nails“Other names include where the body was found, such as”canal girl” and “woman in suitcase.”

announced by Interpol video We’re asking for more, featuring notable women such as Dutch actress Carice Anouk Van Houten, German journalist Katrin Muller Hohenstein, and Belgian singer Axel Redd.

“Don’t forget these girls,” Belgian actress Veerle Baetens says at the end of the video.

🔎 Operation Identify Me: Find Names of Unidentified Murder Victims To
Interpol upon

The oldest of the cold cases,”parking girlHer body was found along the A12 motorway in Holland. It is believed that she was between the ages of 13 and 20 when she died. Interpol, an international police liaison organization based in Lyon, France, released black-and-white facial reconstructions of some of the victims.

Interpol said in a statement citing Dutch, German and Belgian police that some of the women were believed to have come from Eastern Europe and that their bodies had been left in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany to confuse the investigation. said it was possible.

“Most of the 22 victims died violently, some being abused or starving to death,” Dutch police said.

Police hope that knowing their names will also provide evidence of possible perpetrators. You may also be able to see if any of your cases are linked.

“The identification of the victim in a similar investigation ultimately led to the arrest of the suspect,” said German police officer Anya Allendorff.

Interpol publishes details of each case on its website. www.interpol.int/IMIn addition to facial reconstructions of some of the women, images of jewelry and other items found in the remains are also included, as well as a contact form for those who may have information about the case.

Susan Hitchin, head of Interpol’s DNA division, said identifying the woman could help her dissolve her family ties.

“It’s scary how years go by without any news and not knowing what happened. And no matter how scary it is to get confirmation that a loved one has died, it’s sad.” , is part of an important process moving forward,” he said in a phone interview.

“Hopefully, a member of the public can bring in some new elements that will help the police eventually provide these victims with identities, and ideally lead them to the perpetrators, if any. I hope I can.”

A notice posted on the Interpol website on 10 May 2023 shows an international appeal to identify female murder victims.
A notice posted on the Interpol website on 10 May 2023 shows an international appeal to identify female murder victims.

Interpol via AP

https://www.cbsnews.com/news/unidentified-dead-women-interpol-operation-identify-me/ Unidentified dead woman at center of new Interpol operation

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