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Trump’s ‘Jewish’ comments spark backlash

Former President Donald Trump Sunday after calling on American Jews to “get their act together” and show more gratitude to Israel “before it’s too late,” in a Sunday post on his Truth Social platform. was criticized.

Trump’s comments caught fire from the liberal media. Washington Post accused him of being anti-Semitic.

The Post pointed out that American Jews being accused of being more loyal to Israel than America is an “anti-Semitic metaphor,” citing the former president as saying that American Jews are traditionally more loyal to Israel. It reported that Trump’s post was not the first to suggest that he had many alliances. We disagree with the Democrats on domestic policy, and given how he has dealt with Israel, we should support him more.

“No president has done more for Israel than I have.” said in his postHe added that “great evangelicals in the United States appreciate this far more than Jewish people, especially those living in the United States.”

The post, despite giving him “the highest approval rating in the world,” suggests that Jews live in Israel, and he could “easily” become prime minister of the country. He added that there is

“Jews in the United States must unite and be grateful for what they have in Israel – before it’s too late!” he concluded.

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