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Trump denounces Biden’s ‘stupid’ comments on ammo shortage

In a recent accusation of President Joe Biden’s “incompetence,” former President Donald Trump blamed his successor for admitting that the US military was short on ammunition while handing over ammunition to Ukraine.

“By the way, I asked some generals, ‘Why can’t we defeat ISIS? We have the best equipment in the world. We have the best weapons in the world. Who? We can’t get any closer,’ said President Trump in a speech broadcast at the Turning Point Action Conference on Saturday night. news max.

“We have things we can’t tell anyone — we won’t talk about — but unlike Biden, he tells everyone, ‘We don’t have ammunition.

“What about that? ‘I don’t have ammunition, but I’m going to give you more, come on.'”

President Trump mocked Biden for leaking classified information to the world.

“By the way, it’s classified information, you know, right?” Trump said. “Are they going to prosecute him for it?

“But if you’re running, you know how stupid it is. How stupid it is to say you don’t have ammunition.”


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