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Top 10 Dab Accessories For Sale in 2021

Top 10 Dab Accessories For Sale in 2021

Dabbing has taken off recently and is rapidly becoming one of the most popular ways to consume cannabis. Anyone who’s dabbed before knows that dab rig accessories can take a decent dabbing experience and elevate it. Indeed, there is an assortment of unique and engaging dab tools and accessories available on the internet.

But many people wonder where to start looking. After all, not all dab accessories are the same and a lot of websites will try to push mediocre products at a marked-up price. For high-quality products at competitive prices, World of Bongs is the one-stop-shop for any and all cannabis-related products.

World of Bongs boasts a huge library of products, including some of the best dab accessories currently available. With a huge Instagram following, World of Bongs keeps its fanbase engaged with tons of enriching cannabis-related content. This content, of course, helps create trust in their brand. It is this trust that brings so many people to the World of Bongs website, which has been providing some of the best dab accessories since well before 2020!

This list will cover a few of the great products users can find on the website!

4mm Thick Quartz Banger Nail 90°

One of the most classic dab nails in existence, the Quartz Banger Nail is an essential dabbing tool that will retain heat well. It is made with thick borosilicate glass that can withstand heat without cracking. No dabbing rig is really complete without a good dab nail users can choose the nail’s gender and thickness.

6.5″ Rick and Morty Collection

When it comes to branding, Rick and Morty dabbing accessories are a slam dunk. The 6.5″ Rick and Morty Collection is a solid dab rig that features everyone’s favorite sci-fi duo. This is a compact dab rig made with sturdy and thick glass. The rig also comes with a quartz banger nail, to ensure that users have everything they need to blast off.

Terp Slurper Wig Wag Set – 3pc – Colors Vary

Terp slurpers are an underrated dab accessory that helps users regulate their dab temperature and get the most out of their concentrate. The Terp Slurper Wig Wag Set is a kit of three small marbles and pills that will help evenly distribute the concentrate. This set works well with wax, making terp slurpers are the perfect wax dab accessory. The third ball is also big enough to function as a carb cap.

The Happy Dab kit

Why buy one accessory when there’s an entire dab accessories bundle available? The happy Dab Kit is a dream come true for those looking to build out a dab accessory collection fast. This kit comes with a shockproof case, a nectar collector, dab wax containers, a dab tool, and a large butane torch. This is everything a novice dabber could possibly need to get stoned out of their mind. This isn’t a superfluous collection of silly accessories, these are essential tools that get the job done with minimal hassle.

4″ Nectar Collector with 10mm Titanium Tip

Nectar Collectors are portable, convenient, and fast. This particular Nector Collector, from World of Bongs, comes with a 10mm titanium tip and is incredibly compact. This is a dab tool users can easily store in their pockets and use discreetly in situations where smoking may not be exactly encouraged. Quit lugging around a bulky, complex dab rig and downsize with a dab tool that isn’t a downgrade. This simple piece of equipment will allow users to dab on the go like never before.

Octopus Tentacle Bubble Carb Cap

Carb caps are an essential dab tool that allows users to retain heat, maximize concentrate flavor, and streamline the dabbing process. The Octopus Tentacle Bubble Carb Cap is one of World of Bongs many cool dab accessories. With unique aesthetics and eye-catching design, this small tool will enhance any dab session.

Sword Dabber

Scoop up concentrate in style with the legendary Sword Dabber. This is a fun take on the traditional dab tool. Scoop up the concentrate and place it in the rig with gusto. This glass dab tool brings levity and a signature aesthetic to the dabbing experience.

 Zico MT48 BlueTorch Table Torch Lighter

Zico is a trusted brand in the torch lighter world for its durability and functionality. Whether users need to ignite their bowl or hit their nail with some heat, the MT48 BlueTorch Table Torch Lighter will deliver. This lighter comes with a locking mechanism that enables hands-free lighting.

Silicone Nectar Collector – Eyce

For users who are looking for something more durable than glass, silicone dab accessories offer a level of unbreakability never before thought possible. The Silicone Nectar Collector is an incredibly convenient dabbing tool that uses silicone instead of quartz to ensure that it will not break easily.

This is a tool that is easy to clean, easy to transport, and ultimately discreet.

Dab Rite Digital IR Dab Thermometer

Users who have difficulty gauging when the right time to hit their concentrate with the dab nail can benefit greatly from the Dab Rite Digitaal IR Dab Thermometer. This nifty dabbing accessory lets users know when their dabs have reached the desired temperature. Never again will users over or under heat their dab nail. This machine comes with a carb cap holder, a flexible arm, and many other convenient features that will enhance the dabbing process.

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Top 10 Dab Accessories For Sale in 2021

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