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The Premier League Title Race Is Heading for Another Classic

Manchester City is currently the favorite to win the premier league. However, the title race is not yet over. We may be headed for another classic if the close competition with Liverpool is carried on. Manchester City leads the race with just a point, and Liverpool leads by a goal difference of 64 against City’s 63. 

Liverpool is currently putting in more firepower to win every game, demanding more effort from the players than ever. Many Liverpool fans will take picks against the spread and keep their hopes up. They will look forward to winning another premier league title as their team closes the margin with each passing game.

Let’s look at this closely; we will analyze both teams, strengths, flaws, and weaknesses. With the remaining games at hand, will their opponents be able to capitalize on these weaknesses? Well, that we don’t know yet. Although Liverpool also has a slight edge as they lead on the goal difference board, the single separating point may be all Manchester City needs to clinch the title.

 Manchester City

Coach Pep Guardiola said he believes his teams have what it takes to win all the remaining fixtures at hand; we would be looking to see if that comment would be made a reality anytime soon. 

After the  2-2 draw with Liverpool, it would be interesting to see how the remaining fixtures would be. There is more work to be done; leading by a point against a team like Liverpool sometimes isn’t enough. 

The remaining games are:

  • Newcastle (H)
  • West Ham (A)
  • Aston Villa (H)
  • Wolves (A).

 Manchester City is without a natural striker and is still scoring goals; De Bruyne is their top goalscorer with 11. They have failed to score in only four games this season. That being said, there is still a high chance of Man City dropping points. However, not having a proper striker is also an advantage and a weakness. 

They often press high, move in the opponent’s box with more bodies, and score many goals. A proper no.9 would have solved this issue to avoid them slipping off these coming tight games. However, their defensive edge will be an advantage to avoid a slip-up. 


Liverpool seems to be having what seems like an edge over Man City. The team is giving their all in every game. They’re true title contenders, provided a winner hasn’t been decided yet. 

They are currently the best English Team according to Europe rankings. They aren’t showing any signs of stopping from their last premier league match, which was a 1-0 win over Newcastle.

Fixtures left to play are:

  • Tottenham(H)
  • Aston Villa (A)
  • Wolves (H)
  • Southampton(A).

Liverpool with a good no.9, top scorer is Mohamed Salah with 22 goals, much different from the City side. Liverpool plays a more high line. Most times, their keeper is actually exposed on one on one, which, although sometimes can be a problem, he has shown he is capable.

The race is on

The Manchester team defense comes in; they defend as a team, which is an advantage. However, the Liverpool team’s highline play makes them very compact, often leaving their opponents to make errors. Like Hannah Green one-shot lead in the Palos Verdes final, Liverpool are closer to the Champions league final with a 2-0 win over the yellow submarine. 

It remains to be seen which team emerges as the title winner after the next series of games. It seems the Citizens have got the upper hand, and they’re looking to maintain the status quo. On the other hand, Liverpool is looking to pounce on any slip-up, even if it occurs. 

We have to wait and see, even though we know that the odds are stacked in Man City’s favor. We’ve got a legendary sports story when this is all over.

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