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The Norfolk Southern Railroad derails in Springfield, Ohio.No dangerous goods on board, rail company says

Nearby residents were asked to evacuate after a Norfolk Southern train derailed near a highway in Springfield, Ohio on Saturday.

Norfolk Southern confirmed in a statement to CBS News that 20 of its 212-car train had derailed. The train company said there were no dangerous goods on the train and no injuries were reported.

The Clark County Emergency Management Department reported that residents within 1,000 feet of the derailment were asked to shelter in place out of “out of caution.” Derailed near Route 41.

The Norfolk Southern Railroad derails in Springfield, Ohio. Norfolk Southern railroad derails in Springfield, Ohio, railroad says no toxic substances on board.No toxic substances on board, rail company says
The Norfolk Southern Railroad derailed in Springfield, Ohio. March 4, 2023.

John Shohan/Twitter

Norfolk Southern Trains Carrying Hazardous Goods, February 3rd derailed Fire in East Palestine, Ohio. Of his 38 vehicles that derailed, about 10 contained hazardous materials. Hundreds of residents were evacuated and the crew then conducted a controlled release of toxic chemicals. vinyl chloridebecause a derailment can cause an explosion.

State and federal authorities have faced serious criticism for their handling of the East Palestinian incident, local residents Contamination of the area could pose significant long-term health risks.

Environmental Protection Agency says so far air quality levels will remain unchanged at a safe levelBut on Thursday the EPA said it had ordered Norfolk Southern. Implementation of dioxin inspection If their dioxin levels are found to be dangerous at the derailment site, I’ll order Immediate cleanup.

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, who was also criticized for not visiting East Palestine until three weeks after the derailment, murmured On Saturday night, I was briefed on the Springfield derailment by officials from the Federal Railroad Administration, and I spoke to Governor Mike DeWine about the incident.

“There have been no reported releases of hazardous substances, but they continue to be closely monitored and directed by FRA officials,” Buttigieg said.

and tweet, DeWine said he spoke with Buttigieg and also received a call from President Biden. DeWine reiterated that he “does not believe that any toxic substances were involved.” He said multiple state agencies were at the scene.

Springfield is located about 200 miles southwest of Eastern Palestine.

This is a developing story and will be updated.

https://www.cbsnews.com/news/norfolk-southern-train-derails-springfield-ohio-no-hazardous-materials-aboard-railway-company-says-shelter-in-place/ The Norfolk Southern Railroad derails in Springfield, Ohio.No dangerous goods on board, rail company says

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