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The Most Interesting Sports Events in the World

Sports are an important part of our lives. They not only entertain us but get us to connect with people around the world. From FIFA to NBA, if you are not in the stands watching these games live, you are watching them on TV. It has become a tradition for individuals, friends, or families to make plans to watch sports events with  great pleasure. It is becoming more exciting when some of them do some bets and then watch. There are some people who are experts on betting, however, there are some who do not have any experience on that. If you want to get some advice on betting you can visit this community. It is a global culture no wonder major sport events make the majority of the famous TV broadcasts.

Here is a list of the most interesting sports events in the world:

The Super Bowl

The National Football League is a massive event. It attracts over 96 million viewers across America. It is on the top list when it comes to sports events in the United States. The NFL has such a high impact that people claim it is bigger than a presidential debate! Not only is the NFL big in America but global fans also tune it to watch the games. The Super Bowl is so effective that even the commercials get people glued to the screen. It runs a 16-game regular season and play-ff rounds for the post-seasons.

World Cup Soccer

I don’t have to introduce this event as it is the biggest in the world. About 32 nations take part in this event and over 3.3 billion people watch this event. Soccer will always be among the most interesting sport events in the world with talented players like Christiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. The World Cup attracts millions of supporters. The fans come to support their countrymen. The teams compete to prove which country plays the best soccer. It is a competition that attracts almost half of the world’s population.

Tour de France

If you haven’t heard about the Tour de France, then you must be missing out on a lot! There is no way we could leave this out among the best sports events in the world. The cycling event takes place in France. It is a summer event. Now you understand why billions of viewers and attendees keep it on their to-do list. The event is a favorite of 3.5 billion viewers taking place in 21 stages and takes 23 days.

Cricket World Cup

It may surprise you to find the cricket world cup in the list of the most interesting sport events. Billions of fans of the sport will argue that it is the best sport to ever exist. Many countries and clubs participate in cricket games. Estimates show that the cricket world cup has more than 2 billion global viewers. Such numbers put it in a significant position in sports. Although it takes just over 6 weeks, the world cup is a must-watch for its fans. It takes place every four years like the soccer world cup.

Olympic Games

Many of us know about the Olympics. It is a big event for every athlete around the world and for Olympic enthusiasts. Athletes representing their countries come together to compete in this event for two weeks. From marathons, gymnastics, and swimming competitions among others the Olympic games are diversified. Millions of people tune in to witness the event in support of their favorite athletes.

National Basketball Association

Basketball is a favorite of millions of people in America and across the world. The National Basketball Association (NBA) is among the major North American sports events. It organizes basketball leagues where teams across America come to compete to reach the finals. NBA professionals are among the highest-paid athletes in the world. The league has been running since 1946 and remains to be a favorite of many people. The finals get approximately 16.5 million viewers. I know it is not such a huge number compared to soccer and cricket. But the number is still enough to make it a major sport event.

The Grand National

Well, most of the sports I mentioned above involve people for the most part. In this case, animals play a huge role. The Grand National is one of the best sport events. It takes place in England and is a competition involving horse races. Here, the best of the best horses come together to compete for the title. About 40 horses participate in this event on a 4.5-mile course that has obstacles. The horses together with their jockeys must overcome the steeplechases. There are 30 fences and a massive six-foot ditch. The first two horses to complete the challenge in leading positions become champions. So, if you love horses and want to see how they perform in competitions find time for the Grand National.

Rugby World Cup

Rugby is almost like American Football only that for this game the players do not wear any gear. They face it off with nothing but their strength and team strategy. I find rugby to be an exciting event to watch. Like the soccer world cup, teams represent their countries and the best two get to compete in the finals. The Rugby World Cup is not as big as American football or soccer, but it still commands a huge following.

Formula One Racing

If you have heard the name Lewis Hamilton, then you understand what this competition is about. If you haven’t then don’t worry it might be a name you will come across soon. The Grand Prix is a tense sport where the best drivers come to race the fastest sports cars in the world. These vehicles are not like normal cars. Their design and performance are different. Also, drivers need special training to qualify. The event takes place within three days with tracks from Singapore to Monaco.


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