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The Best Sports To Bet On

Sports betting is a pretty popular practice that attracts thousands of newcomers every day. For people starting out, choosing a sport to bet on could be a little difficult and, while there is a case to be made for every sport, we’ve listed the six most popular ones below.

  1. Soccer

 Soccer, called football just about everywhere that isn’t America, is by far the most popular sport in the world and, by virtue of that, the most popular sport to bet on. Because it’s so common and there are several betting sites offering odds on such a front, bettors can find an advantage as bookies will present attractive odds and offers in order to remain competitive.

Soccer is also a sport offering some of the most diverse and intriguing markets due to its strategic nature. Betting on soccer can happen from anywhere, which is one of the biggest factors but, on a poor note, the number of options might be overwhelming to some. 

  1. Horse Racing 

Another universally-recognized discipline, horse racing is also one of the more popular sports when it comes to betting. Heavy investments are made, both on a betting level and into the sport itself, because there’s a lot of profit to be had if one is successful on either end.

Horse racing also feels like the purest form of sports betting for many people and the live coverage will leave you feeling like you’re in the thick of the action. It also offers unique promotions but bettors need to do extensive research before getting their punts in. 

  1. Tennis 

Many fans consider tennis the best sport to bet on, as well as the most exciting. Tennis is a one-on-one or two-on-two competition, which does make it pretty interesting as there aren’t as many factors affecting it as opposed to team sports.

Of course, betting on tennis isn’t nearly as popular as betting on football and horse racing yet the big events, such as Wimbledon or the U.S Open can throw up some remarkable odds. Top sportsbooks such as BetMGM, Caesars, DraftKings, and Betrivers don’t miss a beat when it comes to the offers made available for such major events. 

The live coverage of the bigger tournaments is certainly nothing to complain about and that comes with the perk of listening to experts break the game down across various segments of games.


  1. Cricket 

You might be surprised to see cricket on here. After all, it’s not very big in the United States. It’s pretty popular elsewhere, however, and is also one of the most exciting sports around.

Cricket comes in a few forms such as test matches, one-day matches, and Twenty20. A great advantage lies in the fact that most betting sites will let you choose what type of cricket you want to bet on.

There’s quite a lot of depth when it comes to markets and the variety almost forces one to consider the game from multiple facets as the best betting sites make sure that all of the updates and information necessary over the stretch of a long match are available.

While cricket might be way too long to retain the attention of lots of folks, it provides a wealth of options for bettors.

 5. Rugby 

Rugby isn’t incredibly popular and is not played in that many locations, but the countries in which it is played are immensely passionate about it.

It’s pretty unique from a betting standpoint as it throws up a mix of physicality, tactics, and pace that makes it interesting for punters. In that sense, experts can make their picks based on their own analysis but newbies can also simply go with their hearts.

As it’s a high-scoring game, there are plenty of opportunities in over-under markets but it lacks in terms of coverage as it just doesn’t garner the same amount of media attention as the other sports listed here.

6. Boxing 

It’s a lot easier to bet on the other sports as you pretty much know the calendar, except of course, during a pandemic. The year 2020 proved as much.

When it comes to boxing, it’s all about the major events and you just never know when one of those is going to pop up. When they do come up, they make for some of the most exciting events to bet on.

A big-money boxing match is likely to leave sportsbooks vying for your attention, leaving them minded to make great offers in an attempt to stand out. Coverage for the best boxing matches isn’t as easy to come by as the big fights are almost always part of PPVs.

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