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The Best Golf Cart Communities In Texas

When it comes to finding a good golf cart community in Texas, you are going to have high standards, and rightly so.

The communities in this part of America are unique, spacious, and offer a long list of amenities for both the avid golfer and golf cart owner. Most of these communities have a high rate of golf cart ownership for a few reasons which include the golf courses themselves but golf carts are also the preferred method of transportation around the community due to their low speed and ease of getting around. Just make sure that the golf car is equipped with the right street legal golf cart parts to be allowed on the roads.

So without further ado, here are 4 great golf communities in Texas.

1. Summit Rock Golf Course (Horseshoe Bay)

This is a gorgeous golf cart community that offers ample space, a beautiful waterway, and beautiful homes that are going to ensure you find a good fit for your needs. It is approximately 90 miles away from San Antonio and has a presence to it.

The golf course is a joy to behold and has all of the perks you are ever going to require from a modern setup.

The weather is great and the homes are gated allowing for a private experience in line with what you need as a property owner.

2. Tapatio Springs (Boerne)

Designed by Tripp Davis, this is a golf course for the ages. Everything about it screams luxury whether it is the luscious greenery or the beautiful views along the sides. This is a golfer’s dream while also providing access to some of the region’s finest properties all in one place.

You are going to enjoy being able to walk through the area and spotting world-class properties from one end to the other.

These are properties that are tailor-made for a golfer’s needs and provide ample space for you to enjoy a fun game of golf.

3. Comanche Trace (Kerrville)

Spread across 1,300 acres of space, this is one of the more beautiful golf courses on the planet and a community that is going to ensure you enjoy every bit of it.

The properties are well spaced out, gorgeous, and in line with modern architecture. You are going to enjoy the peace and quiet in this part of town and it works well for golf lovers.

The golf course itself is easy on the eyes and good during all times of the year. You are going to enjoy playing a game of golf here.

4. Boot Ranch (Fredericksburg)

This is an all-inclusive community that is not just about the golf course. It is about offering a more authentic Texan-style community that has a little bit of everything along with a beautiful golf course.

You get to swim, eat, and enjoy a game of golf all in one place. The ranch-like designs are great for those who are passionate about going for something that is more in line with what they expect in Texas. The architecture is a delight and perfectly spaced out for your needs as someone wanting a quiet place to live.

Final Thoughts

These are the best golf cart communities in the state and a must for those who are avid golfers. If you are thinking about finding a spot that is a lot of fun to be in then these are the communities that are going to bring a smile to your face.

Playing golf is all about finding these spots and making the most of them as you move forward. Don’t settle for less when it comes to playing golf in-state.

These are communities that have all of the amenities you are ever going to need to have a great time. They are spacious, well-designed, and continue to deliver value to those who want the best.

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